Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

So another week has passed and gone... as well as another transfer. WOAH.
time is a weird thing.. as I have mentioned before... just like a handful of times right...? But yeah.. its still weird. some days it seems like I will never end.. and some days I feel scared because time is going by so quickly. 
I am focusing on loving every day and just focusing on what I have to do that moment. I am happier that way. 
I am learning that if I just get up in the morning and ask heavenly for help in serving him that day.. i will be a good day. 
To be honest.. this week was kind of hard. It's not exactly the funnest things when you are with a companion that is ending their mission.. and now I have done it twice in a row. 
We had good lessons.. and really met some awesome people.. but for some reason it was just a little bit harder of a week. I am trying to focus my studies on the basics of the gospel.. and the more I learn.. I feel like the more I dont know. I just started having lots of questions and feeling overwhelmed and really inadequate in my knowledge of the gospel. I didnt like that I had questions and even a few doubts.. but as I studied and prayed about what I was feeling and struggling with.. I had the distinct impression come to my mind.. "Cameryn.. you will never know everything in this life. You cant and wont know everything. But trust me. Trust in the simple doctrines that you know. Trust in the experiences you have had with the spirit.. and the testimony you have." 
I felt peace.. even though I dont know SO many things.. and there are many things I dont understand.. I just felt okay. I am trusting my father in heaven.. and trusting that he has a plan for me.. and trusting that he knows me. I will keep learning line upon line and precept upon precept.. and grace by grace. so yeah.. that was my roller coaster this week. 
But we really did see miracles this week as well. New people. We are praying to find those who are ready and prepared. 
SO.. transfers. It was really really sad to say bye to hna murphy. I will miss her lots.
I will be staying in my area. Corpus.. which I already knew. President told me in my interview. I will be Hermana Leader still and I'm happy that I still get the chance to serve in that assignment. BUT... my companion! Her name is Hermana Fox. I have only met her like once. She has a few transfers less than me. She actually went to lone peak but graduated a year after me! So that will be interesting! I will let you know more about her next week. But MAN.. I cant believe I am going to have another north american. I mean.. my spanish is good.. but its really not THAT good at all.... and latina comps help. But I know I am with her for a reason. I actually think I am setting a record though.... I have only had 1 latina... well kind of 2 if you count the one I had for like a week. That like never happens. BUT I am seriously excited to be with her.. and to start this new transfer! YAY. 

Anyways.. I hope you have the greatest week! 
Be safe.. I hear there is TONS of snow and stuff. meanwhile.. I am dying of heat here.
I know my savior lives. and knows us. I am lucky to be his literal representative.  
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers! 
hermana ehlert

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