Tuesday, May 31, 2016


so I will start off with transfers.. I don't have any! YAY. Hermana Cannon and I are staying together another transfer. 

So yay. booya. can't wait. 

so this week was just full of great things. First off.. we weren't able to work too much because my comp had to go to the dentist one day and that basically took up our entire day.. and then we ended up having to go BACK to the dentist two days later for a checkup and another filling.. so yeah. BUT.. the days that we were able to work were wonderful!!! 

Wednesday morning.. we were contacting.. and having little success and then our lunch appointment called us and cancelled. so dangit. My companion spotted a girl walking toward us.. so we decided to talk to her. We asked her where she was walking to, and she told us that she just left work and that she was walking to her house.. and she invited us to walk with her. LIKE OF COURSE! We talked with her and walked for about 5 minutes and got to her house.. where her mom was making 30 LOAVES OF BREAD. (We later found out that she makes 30 loaves of bread every morning.. and then at 3 or so in the afternoon.. goes out in the streets and sells them! That is her work! haha isn't that awesome?!) They warmly invited us in.. seriously as if we were their family or something. We started talking with the girl.. she is 22 and her name is yesica. She immediately opened up and told us about her story.. how she was depressed.. and super skinny.. and about 5 months ago she started to really know God, and God brought her out of her depression.. and gave her meaning in her life again. She told us that it's really hard because her mom is really catholic and wasn't very accepting of her change of religion.. but has slowly accepted it over the months. We were hardly able to have a lesson with her before her mom invited us to stay for lunch!! So we obviously accepted.. and then as we set a return time to come back.. she gave us a fresh, hot loaf of bread and practically begged us to come back.. because they "just feel so good when we are in their house". It's all a complicated and confusing situation with their family.. but we see so much potential in their entire family. I am just so grateful for an inspired companion!! Stay tuned of Yesica and her fam. Hope that story make sense. 
I just continually am shocked at the tender mercies of God.. whether it's putting a member in our path that needed a little pick me up that day.. or helping us catch a bus right at the time when we needed. He just loves his children. It's that simple. And even though.. we are just two little hermanas in the middle of paraguay.. he is worried about us. And helps us. I don't know if I have said it before in an email.. but I have never felt so guided and blessed in my entire mission. The day is full of these miracles. 

We were walking and I had a realization. Could it have been true that my entire mission has been full of these tender mercies and I just haven't recognized them? We came to the conclusion that it's probably true. Our capicity to be able to see the hand of God in our lives has definitely increased. 

so two more totally awesome things that happened..

Yesterday was Stake Conference!!! AND.. as I walked in I saw ISAIAS sitting right at the front waiting for it to start.. so flashback 7 months ago when I was in Hernandarias. Hermana Lopez and I found him and taught him for about a month.. and I had some of the most spiritual lessons with him.. but in the end.. he wouldn't accept a baptismal date because he didn't want to upset his entire family of catholics. But as I went over and talked to him.. he told me that the hermanas started visiting him again.. and he has decided to get baptized!!! YAY!! Like what? We ended up being able to sit by him.. and he just looks so good and happy.

Okay another flash back story.. remember a few weeks ago.. I told you about a guy named Hugo.. who we found on the side of the road? Who was a returned missionary but went inactive? WELL HE WAS AT THE CONFERENCE!!!! We passed his reference to the hermanas in his area.. and they started visiting him.. and now he is totally going to church and active again! He looked like a completely different person!! I am not kidding. I almost didn't recognize him. He had shaved and cut his hair.. and was wearing a white shirt and tie.. and just smiled the entire time!! . After he just shyly and quietly walked up to me and hermana cannon and thanked us. He called us his angels. The spirit was so overwhelming for me. Tears sprang to my eyes. 

In the mission.. you really will never see the full impact of your work.. and of all the people you talk to.. but I felt really blessed and thankful that heavenly father allowed me to see a small part of what I had done. I was so grateful in the moment to have been able to been the tool.. that was in the right place at the right time. 

So so excited for this next transfer. 
I love you all :) 
Hermana Ehlert

one of my FAVE members. she is just so fancy.. and she KNITTED her dress!!! like how cool is that?! I love her.

Members from Hernandarias that hna lopez and I ran into at the conference. happiest day.
Just my favorite brazilian elder.. and also happens to be the tallest in the mission.
blanca. the mom of yesica. with her homemade bread and dulce de leche that she gave us this morning! like what? love her. isn't she darling?!
THIS IS HUGO. The guy that came to the conference! 
Hermana Nilson. Love her LOTS.
some favorite chileans.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 21! :)

Ah what a happy day today is! :)

okay.. just to start off... EVERYONE CAN STOP GETTING MARRIED FROM NOW UNTIL AUGUST OKAY?! Thank you very much.

okay.. well now that's out of the way.. it's been a great week. 

To be honest though.. towards the beginning it was a little harder. We starting losing investigators.. that started hiding from us.. or not being home.. or losing interest. And I just felt sad. Like MAN.. I feel like I have $100 doller bill to give to someone.. and NO ONE wants it. We have talked to Catholic after Catholic.. and it was just discouraging. Like come on!! I just want someone who wants to listen to me.. and WANTS to accept this message.. and LET it change their lives.. but they don't. And I was just doubting myself.. and my abilities.. and really questioning what I was doing wrong. I'm sure every missionary has passed through this multilpe times in their missions.. but yeah. It happened to me a little this week. So last transfer I started the Book of Mormon again.. and I wanted to finish it last transfer.. but I actually wasn't able to.. BUT.. I am finishing it this transfer.. and this week I found a verse in Moroni 9. And it's an epistle that Mormon writes to his son Moroni. And of course at this time (the very end of the BOM.. everyone is completely wicked..) and it says that the spirit has ceased to strive with them and that they are very hard in their hearts.. and this is what Mormon tells his son.. "notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently". Man.. it just hit me so strong. I could just feel the powerfulness of the supplication of a father to a son.. laboring together in the Lords work. I decided to keep going diligently. I know there are LOTS of catholics here.. but I also know that there are people, quietly hidden among them. that are searching a longing for the truth.. and it's our job to search them out and teach them about the glorious message of the restored church of christ.

Another thing that happened last night. We had recieved a reference from a member.. so we went to find her and contact her yesterday after church. We actually found her in her house.. sitting outside with her mom and little sister. as we started talking to them they told us that about a year ago elders had passed by.. and they started saying how they didn't like the "mormon's" because they have "another bible". Well.. we weren't about the have that.. so we quickly said a prayer with them.. and started explaining really what is the book of mormon. My comp asked them to keep their minds and hearts open.. which I loved.. but sadly the mom and the reference were really not having any of it. The little sister though.. was amazing. And as they fought us.. we firmly but respectfully tesitfied of the divinity of the book. The little sister (eudelia) intently listened. I feel the subtle but sure peace enter into my heart. We realized that nothing good was going to come out of staying there and trying to explain to these women.. so we sang "nearer my god to thee" and left.. leaving the book with the little sister.. and praying that she will read it.

Many times in my mission.. I have questioned.. if this really is all true. Or if what I do and teach every day.. is really true. But then I am forced to go back to the basics. And there are still many many things that I do not know.. and have many questions.. but I do know for sure a few things. I DO know that there is a God. And if such a God really does exist.. which I know he does.. he is our father. And our father loves his children. I know he has a son jesus christ.. who loves us. I know they are perfect and glorified beings. And I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know it is true.. and as it says inthe introduction.. if this book is true.. it means this church is the true church of God here on the earth today. I am so grateful for opportunity that I have to know that. And I love being able to share that with people every day. Because even if they don't listen to me.. it burns a little deeper into my heart every time. 

I still am in LOVE with this area of Minga Guazu. I love it. We have the most amazing members here. I am amazed every day of their goodness.. and humbleness.. and the sacrifices they make to serve the Lord and help in his church.

some funny things. 
yesterday at church.. after sacrament meeting.. me and my comp walked into principles of the gospel. and Lucy.. and the teacher and another member.. started calling me "gordita".. which my direct interpretation is basically "little fatty"... so great that was a great slap in the face. There culture here is totally different and they didn't mean it as an insult.. but I was like totally shocked and confused. The teacher.. who thought I didn't understand.. who is an RM. who learned a little bit of english on his mission then started calling me "CHUBBY". Yeah.. so boom. that was a good reality check. but we all laughed. greeeaaat... 
Umm.. we found out this week that they have now authorized Hermana missionaries to wear PANTS apparently. Like can you believe it?! Hahaha.. I literally can't. like "Hi. We are missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.. and we look like Hilary Clinton". hahaha.. I almost died. But they do have a reason.. it really would lessen the amount of mosquito bites.. and our legs being exposed. But still... really not going to happen for me I don't think. haha.

Also today.. included up until now.. but companion waking me up by singing happy birthday at the top of her lungs.. and the other hermanas in the branch coming over and having crepes with us.. and they brought nutella!.. and after we are going to TGI fridays.. which is the only american restaurant that exists here for lunch. 
AND THEN.. we have interviews with president later tonight.. which are our last ones with him because he is ending his mission. It should be an amazing day.. and I just feel so grateful to be here serving the Lord in Paraguay and with sunshine in my soul.

Because I have been given much I too must give.

I hope you all have the GREATEST week and read the Book of Mormon lots :)
Hermana Ehlert

ps. THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. I feel so loved. :)


video of the week. 
I hope it works.
If not.. search ¨Mens hearts will fail them" by russell m nelson. :)

what I woke up to this morning. with three hoodies on.. and two pairs of sweats..

our crepe setup.

the hermanas that showed up this morning to eat crepes.
some kids of an investigator.. they are my faves.

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Wow! What a week it has been. Sometimes the days are slow.. and then all the sudden it's monday again.

This week we were able to do divisions with some hermanas in the zone. And guess what?! I got to be with Hermana Lopez again!! It was so fun to be with her.. and like also totally weird to have her as my comp again! We have both grown and changed so much on our missions.. and it was so cool for me to see how much she has grown and developed since her training. We are both better now.. like I only had 4.5 months when I was with her.. and she was brand new. I think day to day.. it's really hard to see how we have progressed.. and how we have been changed and molded more into how our heavenly father wants us to be. It's hard to see changes and progression in ourselves.. but I was lucky enough to spend the day with hermana Lopez.. and to see a little bit of the amazing missionary she has become!! It was so fun.. and to be with someone who is my height again! We laughed and laughed.. and the day just flew by! 

Ignacio and Leticia continue to progress.. but definitely not at the pace that I would choose for them. But I just have to keep doing my best.. and trusting in the Lord's timing for them. Stay tuned.

This morning I was studying.. and last transfer I started over the book of mormon. Every time I read it.. it is confirmed to me the truth and divinity of that book. But I am in Ether right now.. when the people of Jared have to cross the sea. At this point the brother of jared and his people have already made all of their preperations.. and everything they needed to do.. and they just set off. With no way to stear.. or see.. or anything. Just trusting in the Lord. wow. I was stunned and impressed by their faith. They quickly find out.. that this isn't just a quick voyage where they are able to read a nice book.. and they arrive. It describes the enormous waves that engulfed them.. and the  relentless wind. They were tossed and tumbled and turned for 344 days. It says " And it came to pass that the wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land. And they did sing praises unto the Lord; yea, the brother of Jared did sing praises unto the Lord, and he did thank and praise the Lord all the day long; and when the night came, they did not cease to praise the Lord." I was thinking.. it would have been VERY easy to complain and say "God.. I have done everything that you have asked me to do.. we built and prepared EXACTLY how you told us to.. and this is the WORST most uncomforrtable ride that there ever was." But as I also sat thinking about how I might react and complain.. it occurred to me.. that they NEEDED the wind and waves to be able to MOVE.. to be able to arrive where the Lord wanted them to be. And without the rain and the wind and the waves.. they wouldn't have been able to progress or move at all. And even more impressive.. they didn't just endure these terrible and more than uncomfrotable circumstances.. but they gave thanks to to the Lord all of their days. Even in the midst of their turmiol.. and with the storm raging on outside.. they coudl find peace and happiness.. and I imagine especially comfort as they gave thanks. I loved that. 

It was a pretty normal week here in Minga.  Oh man.. yesterday.. we had a lesson with Lucy.. and we were running behind.. so we were RUNNING home. Like full sprint.. to get home on time.. and we were about 2 blocks from our house.. and BOOM. down I go. Shoot. I quickly gathered myself together.. and quickly do the quick scan to make sure no one was watching. Thankfully there was just an old man in a nearby house that saw.. and he yelled to see if I was okay. haha.. I´m sure I was just the picture of grace. We continued home.. this time not running.. but kind of limping as I left my pride behind. I just rolled by ankle.. and nothing too bad.. just a few scraped knees.. and some hands. but not to worry.. all is well. Benson and I really just need to learn to stay on our feet. yikes. haha.
 But man.. can I just say how much I LOVE this area. It is so great. In the language Guarani.. to say "I love...." You say "Ro Hay Hu".. and I RO HAY HU Minga Guazu.

I love you all!! 
Hermana Ehlert

ps. I really hope that this email makes sense.. because my poor computer is struggling so bad. 

a women from our branch.. Ana de Jesus! 
We went and visited her this week.. and was so happy with our visit.. she ran over to the corner store to by us cookies and pop! I love her. 

leticia and her son!

one of my favorite people here in Minga. Teresa!!! This was us yesterday. She is the newly reactivated member. Basically like my mom here. I love her!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

HI fam :)

So.. yes today is not pday. BUT it has been the first time I have been able to write this week.
Pday.. we were just crazy busy.. and some things happened with some other hermanas in the zone.. so we didn't get a chance to write on pday.. and then yesterday.. we passed by the cyber to write and it was CLOSED! So danger.

BUT YAY. I am here now.. so no need to worrryy!!

This week.. the days just all seem to be blending together. But things I do remember..

-Ignacio and Leticia: we were able to have two amazing lessons with them last week. And they truly are progressing. Something amazing that I loved this week that he said.. "before you started coming to our house.. I don't think I really believed in God. And now, for the first time in my life, I am truly started to believe in him.". ah. my heart was just bursting. How amazing it is, that I get the chance to help normal people.. on the earth.. to start believing and coming to know our father in heaven. wow. I just felt so humbe. As I said last week.. baptisms and everything are amazing.. but little moments like that are where I know I am doing my job. helping other come closer to our savior and father in heaven. 
They aren't married.. so that will be the first big obstacle that they need to overcome.. and getting married legally in paraguay is actually quite the process.. and can be really expensive. so we will continue praying for them and working with them. It is amazing to see how the spirit is changing and working with them in their lives.. and in their home. They are different and have more light every time we go  by.

-funny story. So wednesday morning after I showered I decided I needed my hair trimmed.. so I asked my comp.. and although she told me that she has only cut hair twice in her life.. she happily agreed and we both thought it was just a great idea. So forward we went with that.. and long story short.. it ended up being basically terrible. I quickly got over the shock of having a very bad haircut and after a silent prayer to not react TOO bad to not make my companion feel worse than she already did.. we decided it was pretty necessary to go find a hairdresser to fix the problem. We were able to find a VERY nice guy who didn't charge us very much.. and just did a FAB job. His name is Ramon.. and I will definitely be recommending all future hermanas to go see him. needless to say.. my hair is about 5 inches shorter now.. but it is very healthy.. and my comp even got her hair trimmed I think to make me feel better!!!  haha.. it's all funny now.. and really not a giant deal as I thought about it more. :)

-We continue on with peace in our hearts and every day feeling and seeing the hand of the lord in lives and in this work.

if there is anything I know.. I know he loves us. and he is aware of us. is a real being who wants us to be happy and notices us.. even the small things. 

just a shorter one this week.. but I love you all so much. 
It was the happiest thing to see my sweet mom and family. also.. it was the last skype call before I go home. and it all just made it even more real.. when my comp and I recieved our "trunky papers" this pday. so weird.

I love you! 
till next weeeek. :)
Hermana Ehlert

cute kids of investigators
one of my fave members. 
waiting for the bus in a chipa stand

we had our district meeting outside. YAY :)
walking in the mud and rain
lucy and her cute fam that we visited this week

                                         trunky papers. 
definitely mixed feelings.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016



If I had to pick a word for this week it would be "glorious".. and a really close second would be "fast".

So to start off.. the cold definitely hit paraguay this week. Last Monday was okay.. but then after that.. it was just plain freezing. The beginning of the week was rainy.. and then the cold just stuck. We live in a pretty good pension.. but at night.. there is a slight but definite draft coming in from the holes in our roof and walls... haha. but it's okay. Hermana Cannon and I battled through with MANY layers of clothes.. and then blankets on top... and lots of herbal tea. We have two blankets each.. and on Wednesday night Hermana Cannon decided that she was still too cold at night.. so she put on blanket on top of her.. then put ALL OF HER CLOTHES from her dresser on top of that... and then her other blanket. It was really funny... and she continued to sleep like that the rest of the week. hahhaa.

I can not even tell you how much I LOVE these people in this branch. It is one the most amazing branches ever. Their love for the gospel and their dedication and love for the savior is amazing. They were able to travel 6 hours together as a branch this weekend and go to the temple. And they came back on Sunday just beaming and full of strength and the spirit. Fast and testimony meeting was so spiritual for everyone as they bore testimonies of the blessings fo the temple. It was glorious.

Umm.. Leticia and Ignacio.. it was just a week full of miracles with them. Last week to be honest.. we had just a really weird lesson with them. Hermana and I just felt pretty lost.. and we were all over the place as we tried to guide the lesson and at the same time answer their questions and at the same time teach them with the spirit and look for their needs. It was just a crazy lesson.. So this week.. when we went by for the first time.. we went in solely with the purpose to feel the spirit.. and find their needs. It was one of the particularily colder days this week.. and as he huddled in their small house.. we just started talking. I was praying and praying for the spirit to be there.. and slowly they started to open up and ask us their real doubts and questions about the church. They had come to church twice now.. and their best friends are LDS.. so they now know quite a bit about the church. Their main doubts were about the Book of Mormon.. and as we taught as simply as we could.. and promised that they could know it was true through prayer and reading the spirit was strong. Up until this point as well.. they would never pray or try to pray with us.. but at the end of the lesson.. I invited Ignacio to say the prayer.. and we waited in silence for a few seconds as he hesitated.. he said yes. And I have never heard a more sincere heart felt prayer in my mission from an investigator. It was so sincere... and the spirit was so strong.. I kid you not.. I could not keep tears from coming to my eyes. He finished the prayer and we all just sat in silence for a few moments. Uh... you can not describe these little moments. It was amazing to see the change in them and seeing the spirit working in their eyes and hearts. 
We were actuallly able to see Ignacio the next day at our lunch appointment with his best friend who is a member. We were able to have another lesson with him after lunch and he told us of his feelings.. and how he is seeing a feeling changes in his life and for his family. We asked him to be baptized.. and he accepted.. and they both came to church yesterday. Which was glorious... BUT... as I mentioned before... the testimony meeting was mainly focused on baptisms for the dead... and we definitely have not touched that point of doctrine with them yet... sooooo.. I just prayed the entire time that they would feel the spirit.. and not let their questions or misunderstandings make them doubt. We will have a lesson with them tomorrow.. and we will have to see what they thought.. and where they are at. We will be praying.. but man.. they are so amazing. 

Another moment of the week that was glorious.. and maybe my favorite. So we were waiting on the side of the road for the bus to come by... (in paraguay.. "bus stops" don't exist.. but you basically just wait on the side of the road for one to pass.. and hope that it stops for you when you flag it down).. so we were waiting for a bus.. and there is usually always people walking around selling little trinkets like sunglasses.. and makeup.. little keychains.. stuff like that.. and one older guy with shaggy hair and red eyes came up and saw our name tags.. and said "mormons!! I am a mormon!! And I was a missionary too!!!" To be honest.. I didn't give him the time of day. We get crazy people claiming they are mormon all the time.. and precisely at that moment.. the bus came.. so I shook his hand and went to flag down the bus... and just as I was about to step on.. my companion grabbed me and told me that we needed to go back and talk to him. We had already been waiting for a bus for about 20 minutes.. and I didn't want to waste any more time.. but I followed her back to track him down. We asked him if we could sit down with him on a nearby bench.. and he said yes. As we began to talk to him.. he started telling us of how he was baptized and how he served a mission in brazil.. and was zone leader.. and helped many to be baptized.. and the him coming back.. he started living with a girl and she got pregant.. and after that he was too ashamed to go back to church.. and hasn't gone back since. His name is Hugo.. and now he lives with his daughter.. and he makes his living selling makeup and cell phone charges on the side of the road. The spirit was there.. and as we bore simple testimony of the saviors love and his grace and how much he wants him back.. tears sprang to his eyes. We said a prayer with him.. and then we parted ways as he promised that that night he would start reading the book of mormon and go back to church that weekend. 
Baptisms in the mission are amazing.. and seeing investigators in church.. and having lots of investigators.. but moments like this... are the jewels that embellish my mission I think. a 20 minute conversation with a stranger on the side of the road.. and helping him feel God's love for him.. is really what Christ did and would do. Helping those wandering sheep find their shepard again. Hugo doesn't even live in our area.. and we will probably never see him again.. but he is glorious. And that moment was glorious. 

I am grateful for an inspired, glorious companion.. who wasn't too busy to pass up an opportunity to help one of God's children that he put in our path. I am grateful for the glorious spirit that guided us this week and that gave us peace and comfort on the cold and rainy days. 

I am grateful to be a missionary in this glorious work.. and see changes and miracles in people.

Today was warmer.. and I am so grateful to know that my savior lives.. and that he loves us. And that there is a glorious, perfect father in heaven that loves us, and knows us. And we mean everything to him. His love is infinite and glorious. 

I hope you all have the greatest week. 
lots of loves!! especially to all you moms out there!! 

Hermana Ehlert

 two pairs of tights... two pairs of sweats.. two hoodies.. and socks.. and a beanie. and mint tea of course!!!  
this is a member.. and his monkey that gave us lunch on sunday. I love him. the monkey's name is Enrique and just THE COOLEST PET EVER. I will definitely be looking into getting a pet monkey when I get home.

Our lunch on sunday. Talapia with vegetables soup.. and mandioca. It was actually really really good fish. :)

Just some amazing members of the branch.

working this morning. 

selfies waiting for the bus. :)