Monday, January 4, 2016

Hermana Ehlert and Hermana Murphy vs Bugs

So hey fam. 
it's been a while :)

Well.. not too much has happened since friday. It has just been so unbearably hot you cant even imagine. 
We had a lesson with Lorena Saturday morning.. and the wife of our branch president came with us. We just passed to explain church and what she could expect and then we invited her. She was so excited and said of course. We planned to walk by her house in the morning and walk with her and her son. So the next morning we walked by and she came out and said that she had been awake all night and that her baby was sick and had a fever so they were taking him to the hospital.. it was so sad. I was totally bummed that she wasnt going to be able to come. But I felt peace and knew that we tried. 

Hermana Murphy and I have the goal to have atleast one baptism by the end of january. We are working and praying and trying to do everything we can.. to not only have a baptism but a convert. We really feel that they are so special. The only problem is, is that they aren't married.. so this week we will be talking to them about that. Please pray for them!! 

Some other fun bug stories... 
we got home sunday after eating lunch and hermana murphy was walking into the bathroom.. and she screamed. THERE WAS ABOUT 20 cockroaches in the bathroom. crawling all over EVERYTHING. I literally had never seen anything more horrifying. the bugs get worse when its hot and humid. I got the raid and a broom.. and hermana murphy had the other broom... and we just worked as a team. I would spray it and then it would start going crazy and then we would just start smacking it and screaming until it died.. then on the the next. it was terrible though. you wouldnt believe it. 

We are the best team ever. Our mission president has started calling us "The party on wheels"... its so fun. We are having a blast. 

Also another fun thing.. just an idea of how hot and humid it is. In our bedroom where we sleep we have air conditioning.. which is the BIGGEST blessing. (I dont know how people do it without)... but the rest of our house doesnt. and this morning I walked out of our bedroom with my glasses on.. and they totally fogged up.. hahha. it was funny. but pretty normal. 

today we are in posadas because we have a meeting with the rest of the leaders in the mission tomorrow. That means we get to stay in the mission home tonight AKA.. taking a shower with warm water and not wearing shower shoes! HOLLA. 

I love you all. I hope you have an amazing week. :)

ENJOY THE SNOW at home for me!

xoxoxo from half of the party on wheels.. aka 
Hermana Ehlert

the worm that came out of my arm....... cuz i know ya´ll are dying to see it.

not even all of the cockroaches that we killed in about 15 minutes in our bathroom...

Just one of the beautiful sunsets I get to see every day

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  1. Hi! My name is Heather Murphy and I am your daughter's companion (Hermana Hannah Murphy's) mom. I was wondering if you cared if I copied some pictures from your daughter's blog to put on Hannah's blog. Her camera was stolen a few months ago, so we don't get very many pictures anymore. I'd love to include a few of yours on her blog if you don't mind. Also, my daughter LOVES SERVING WITH YOUR DAUGHTER!!! It has been a wonderful companionship as she is ending her mission.
    Thanks so much and please let me know if you mind about the pictures.
    -Heather Murphy

    Hannah's blog is: