Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 11, 2016


What a great week it has been. To be honest.. it wasnt super eventful. We have just been contacting and talking to about everyone in the entire world. We should have a great week though coming.. because we will have lots of people to follow up with. 

this week was hot hot. 

no bugs entered my body this week (that I know of yet).. so thats a great thing as well. 

Cristian and Lorena.. they mysteriously went out of town and didnt let us know.. so that was a bummer. They didnt come to church either. We walked by their house before church and they still werent there.. so that was kind of sad too.. but its okay. 

We are moving forward with faith and doing everything we can to find the people who the Lord has prepared. 
This week I focused a lot on being grateful and having a postive attitude.. no matter what happened. I learned this week.. that Satan works on me through my mind and feelings. When I get discouraged and bummed out.. he wins. I focused on being grateful.. and letting my attitude be affected because of my circumstances. 
I loved being a missionary this week. 

Man.. something funny that happened. We were praying about what area specifically we should go to, to contact for part of the day.. and we got there.. and as we turned on to the street that we thought we should go to.. there was 8 jehovas witnesses.. all gathered ready to go out. man. it was so awkward.. we kind of tried to stay away from them..because when we start contacting and talking to people ALL of them think that we are part of them. It was funny though. and then the SAME thing happened the next day.. in a different area. ANOTHER group. Man.. we just laughed and decided to visit another area for that morning. 

We also met an awesome guy named Giyermo this week. He has lived in Switzerland.. and knows quite a bit of english. He is very interested in our message.. and kind of intrigued with us.. dangit. I dont know how to spell. sorry. 

Anyways.. thank you for your prayers. 

Time is FLYING here in Argentina. These people are amazing.. and the work is even better. 
I love you all so much. 

Hermana Ehlert

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