Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 14, 2015

SO HEY :) 

Transfers are here!

Hermana Olvera is officially gone. Can't believe it! 
She is going to byu and living in Liberty Square.. so all you people there.. look for her because SHE IS AWESOME. I love her. I am so lucky to have had this transfer with her. 

So.. my new companion is Hermana Murphy. SHE IS MY FAVORITE. We have been friends in the mission for a while now. Actually since the first day I got to the mission I met her. SHE IS THE BEST. I can not wait. She is so fun and just great. She is ending her mission this transfer as well.. so that should be interesting. It means that I'll be staying in my area for quite a while I think. But I'm excited about it. I love my area.. and the people and just everything there.. so yeah. 

I am so grateful for the transfer that I had. I can't believe we are almost as CHRISTMAS. Isn't that crazy?! To be honest.. here.. it doesn't really feel like it. It's just really hot.. and it's not as big of a deal to people here. But yeah. It should be great. 

This month I have been studying about christ. and just learning more about him. It's changed my view on things and how I work. I think everyone in their mission hits a point.. where something just "clicks" and they are changed. I don't know. Where they are just able to connect the dots, and just kind of change. I think that happened for me this transfer. Not a specific moment or day.. but things just clicked for me this transfer. I have a different perspective.. and a different view on things. The work is more apart of me.. of who I am.. and what I am.. and not just something that I'm doing. Does that make sense? 

This week we had an amazing lesson with Claudio. It's been the same experience with him.. that I had with Liz a few months ago in La Paloma. The spirit is just teaching him. Not us. And it's an amazing and incredible process to watch something learn so much and just change before your eyes. He understands and just learns in incredible ways.. and is so excited for this change in his life. He accepted a date of January 2 to be baptized and is excited.  I am so excited for him. 

I am SO lucky to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help and find and search out people like Claudio. Who are just waiting and ready. 

I love this work. And I love my Savior.. and I am so grateful that I have been called to represent him personally in this part of his vineyard. 

Anyways.. sorry it's a shorter email this week.. I don't have much time. 

I love you all though. Thank you for your prayers and support and emails. 

And remember.. 2000 years ago a Savior was born.. and here we are still thinking about him and celebrating his birth. Remember him this week. He has changed the world. 

love love love 
Hermana Ehlert 

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

What a crazy week it has been. 
We started out the week doing divisions in a area called Apostoles with some hermanas that are in a trio. It was SO fun. I love being with other hermanas and working with other people.. and getting new ideas and stuff. its really fun. 
Wednesday we had a miracle thing. We have been trying to get referrals from members.. and we got an awesome one on Sunday.. and wednesday we met up with a couple that are members and they drove us out to a family that they had recently given a book of mormon. They are the Gonzalez family.. and are amazing! They are just SO ready and prepared for this message. They are awesome. They live really far away.. like an hour walking from where we are.. but they are totally worth it if members cant drive us. But I will keep you updated on them. i am so excited for them. 
Also.. update on Claudio. He is doing well.. we had two lessons with him this week. He said that he doesn't feel ready for baptism yet, but maybe in the future when he knows more. We will keep praying and working with him. He has his doubts about the apostasy and thinks that christs church was always on the earth and that if he really loved us he wouldnt take it off the earth. But he is awesome. He wasn't able to come to church this week because he had to work.. which was sad. Because that means he wont be able to be baptized before christmas. The rule in our mission.. is that someone has to attend church atleast 3 times before they can get baptized.. and he was our only hope for that goal.. but its okay. we will push on with faith.. and trust in the Lords time. But I know that goal that he set with faith helped us to find him and find others. 
Something that is really funny that happened with him this week.. we were teaching him.. and we were on his porch outside.. and it was dark. And there was a light bulb right above us.. and we were talking about christ and his life.. and all of the sudden something GIANT swooped down and like attacking the light bulb.. I thought it was a bird at first.. but DONT WORRY.. just a bird sized MOTH. It was seriously HUGE. Like easily as big as my face. The body was enormous. I couldnt believe it. He ran inside his house and put a glove on and then proceeded to swat at it with his hand. Then Hermana Olvera started joining in on the swatting with the pamplet of the restoration that we were teaching with. I was just covering my head and freaking out. Finally claudio caught it.. and  threw it out. Oh my gosh.. I was laughing so hard after that. we all just laughed and laughed.. and then hermana olvera said to weave us back into the lesson.. Ï dont know if Christ ever had problems with bugs when he was teaching but...." and then continued. it was so funny. We laughed and laughed. BUT SICK RIGHT?! Yeah... thats what happens when you are literally in the middle of the rainforest. 
I cant believe this transfer is almost already over. This is the last week. Hermana Olvera goes home next week and then I will have a new companion. President already told me that I will be in the same area.. but I am just anxious to know who my new comp will be. 
We are trying to spread the christmas cheer and spirit around.. because people here aren't as festive as they are in the states. 
 But it's okay. I love this work.. and my Savior.. and this special time that we have to think of our savior even more. 
I love you all! 
Hermana Ehlert