Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 18, 2016


1. We have seen miracle after miracle in our area. its amazing to work here. We met a lady in the street named Shayel. I dont have strong felings usually that I should talk to people.. but we were walking and I had a distinct feeling.. "talk to her". She is from Roca. We got her direction and then went by her house and talked to her a little and explained a little bit more about what we as missionaries do and gave her the pamphlet of the restoration. We then passed by Saturday night and she promptly informed us that she had read the entire thing twice.. and proceeded to teach US lesson 1. With Joseph smith and everything. She explained to us the priesthood and what ordinances are and then gave the example of baptism. she also explained to us the holy ghost and we helped her realize that she felt it when she was reading and was feeling it with us right then. her only concern was that she didnt have a skirt to wear to church. WHAT. It was awesome. She isnt married.. but she has told us that she is and her husband have been thinking about it a lot lately. They have 3 DARLING little boys. I have never had a lesson like that. Her car is broken right now.. and her husband is going to fix it so she couldnt come to church.. but she said she would come as soon as she can. We invited her to be baptised.. and she said YES. but she made us promise that we would keep coming by and teaching her and helping her learn. She was amazing. It was a light. It was so cool. The spirit was thick. 

2. LORENA and Emanuel came to CHURCH YESTERDAY. YAYAYAY. We went by in the morning and walked with them. A lot of the members didnt come.. we only had 22 people in total there.. but the spirit was strong. Hermana Murphy spoke and we also sang a musical number. it was fun. and good. I really hope that she was able to feel the spirit. She said she would stay for the whole time next week though. We have a slight problem though. So I dont know if I have exampained.. but basically the entire branch is one big family.. and they are going to brazil for vacation for 20 days.. TWO sundays.. and so no one is going to be in church... yeah.  We dont know what we are going to do.. because every priesthood holder will be out of town. its a problem. And it is such a bummer.. because we have SO many investigators that are on the point of coming to church. But I feel peace as I pray about the problem.. and I know that the lord is aware of all things.. and truly is in control. 

3. We also had interviews with president this week. I love him so much. HE IS AMAZING. He goes home in July... so I will have a new mission president for about 2 months. He is from Chile. It will be weird to have a latino. I will miss Presidente for sure. I love him. He´s amazing. 

4. We have the goal to talk to more people every day. We are literally talking to ANYONE in our paths. Its been awesome.. as we have seen the Lord put more and more prepared people in our paths. We are trying to be more creative in our contacts and do things that will catch peoples attention. 

I love this work. Its been an amazing week. 
Miracle after miracle. I cant believe its the last week with Hermana Murphy. 
Next week I will know who my comp is.
Anyways.. I love you all SO much. 
xoxoxo loves. 
Hermana Ehlert

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