Monday, January 4, 2016

January 1, 2016

I hope you all had an amazing christmas. With lots of snow. And also an amazing New Years! 
We have been travelling a lot out of our area because we have had meetings and divisions and devotionals for christmas.. but the Lord is blessing our area and our investigators. I will tell you about a family.. Their names are Lorena and Cristian. They have two boys. THEY ARE SO COOl.  We found them just contacting one day.. and since then have progressed. Their little boy.. Emanuel.. is 9 and is one of the smartest little boys I have best. He is such a gentleman!! He loves singing and learning new hymns with us. They are going to come to church this sunday and will hopefully accept our invitation to be baptized next week. I cant wait. I love them so much. She is only 25. Something that I have done with her.. I have pictured our lessons with them as if I was teaching Jordan and Greg.. and how much I would try and love them and try and help them in anyway I could to accept the restored gospel in their lives. 

We had a zone meeting about that a few weeks ago. About loving the people.. and picturing them as if you were teaching your own family. It has helped me feel so much love for them.. and I know they have been able to feel the love of christ more through me. I am so blessed and lucky to be able to know them and be teaching them.
So claudio.. it has been a bit sad actually. Tomorrow was supposed to be his baptism.. but last week he started lying to us and telling us that he was going to be working and not going to be in his house.. but we would pass by anyways to see.. and he would be there. I felt really sad and disheartened. So we passed by and kind of told him that all of this is his choice and that if he didnt want us to come by anymore.. it was okay and he didnt have to lie. The spirit was actually really strong and we reminded him of the things and experiences that he had had and felt with us and at church. He told us that he is working a lot.. but if he has time and can work things out he will come to church. He seemed sincere.. but we will see. We are probably going to stop passing by him for a while until he shows a bit more interest. But its okay.. I felt peace that everything would turn out the way heavenly father wants and that we had put our part in and done our best. I felt heavenly fathers assuring peace that I had done my best.. and that not everyone will use their agency to accept this message. But I feel confident that it just wasnt his time right now.. but someday it will be. And we helped him feel something more in his life. and Im grateful for that. 

OKAY.. so are you all ready for the grossest thing that you have ever heard in your life?! 

So three and a half weeks ago.. I got bit on my arm by some bug. I thought it was just a mosquito or something.. its really common.. but a week and then two weeks passed and it wasnt getting better. And it was weird because it wasnt itchy.. but rather it actually started hurting really really bad.. and affecting my whole arm. It got a little swollen and was red. So wednesday morning it was really really hurting me.. so we called my mission presidents wife and she told us to come to the hospital in posadas to get it checked out. But first we had to go by the offices to pick up my medical card. So when we were there.. I ran to the bathroom quick before we went to the hospital. I had a bandaid on it.. because the bit had lots of pus and other liquids coming out of it all of the time.. I thought it was just really infected or something. But we were in the bathroom.. it was really hurting.. and so I took the bandaid off and there WAS SOMETHING COMING OUT OF IT. LIKE A white thing. I screamed and my comp went and got Hermana Lapierre.. my mission presidents wife.. and she came in. By this time I was bawling.. because I had realized that it was a WORM. Hermana Lapierrie got there.. and starting squeezing my arm like she was popping a zit or something. I bug started coming out more.. until it was about an inch long. I couldnt look. I was crying. Mostly because I was SO sicked out that there was a white fat worm coming out of my arm.. and also because it kind of hurt. By this time.. president lapierre and all of the mission office elders are in the bathroom watching what is going on. It was one of the most traumatizing things in my life. So thanks to the pressure of Hermana Lapierrie on my arm.. the bug actually came shooting out of my arm. Everyone jumped back and screamed. President picked it up in a little container thing.. and we all went to the hospital.. with me in tears because a bug had just come out of my arm. We got there.. and they told looked at it and basically laughed and said it was something really common here. it doesnt do anything apparently.. but just lodges and lives under the skin. They said it was good that I had a bandaid on it because that cut off the air to it so thats why it came out. They cleaned it really well and made sure there was any eggs or anything else left. So yeah. i had a big bandage on yesterday.. and its actually already doing a lot better today. The hole in my arm has healed over and my arm doesnt hurt anymore. 

So yeah.. thats my update. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! I have pictures of the worm.. but I think I will spare you all. 

So yeah.. thats my mission. Its awesome serving here in south america in the middle of the jungle.. where bugs get under your skin.. you sweat all day long.. and teaching people all about how christ knows us and knows our pains.. and one day we can live with our father in heaven and live with him. 
I hope you all have an amazing week.. and that you all stay safe. Set goals for this year. Goals have changed my mission. I love my savior and I know he lives. I am so grateful for this time of year to think more about him. 

I love you all. and am praying for you often! 

hermana Ehlert

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