Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 29, 2016

hi fam :)
Wow! This week was a FAST one.

We were out of our area for different meetings and stuff that we had at the beginning of the week.. but we got back to our area on Wednesday afternoon.. and I was able to do divisions with an hermana that just started the mission.. from Costa Rica! SHE IS DARLING. It was so fun! Only for a few hours.. but it was awesome. 
We visited Cristian and Lorena.. and we finished teaching them the plan of salvation. It was such a spiritual lesson.. and it´s amazing to see how the spirit is working on Cristian and softening his heart. He told us that he is still thinking about baptism.. which is like A HUGE step for him. and he told us that he started praying this week for the first time in years. I LOVE seeing how this gospel changes the lives of people.. and how grateful I am to be the instrument in the hands of the Lord to bring this amazing message! 

Thursday and Friday.. my comp was sick again... bummer. So more days just sitting in the pension. It´s hard.. because I just end up thinking lots.. and am not able to take my mind of myself and go to work. But I am trying to keep myself busy. We were able to go out for a few hours on Saturday night and visit a couple that we are teaching named Luis and Teresa. THEY ARE SO COOL. I have never met someone who is truly SEARCHING like Luis is. He just has question after question.. and just wants to follow God but he just doesn´t know how. He reminds me of the scripture that says.. there will be people searching for the church.. but just don´t know where to find it. His wife is a little more skeptical. So we will keep working on them. Stay tuned :)
We are focusing on just trying SO hard to follow the spirit. We are not the teachers.. it is 100% the spirit.. and we are solely instruments. I am trying harder at that. To prepare myself personally before hand.. and then just do my best to follow the spirit. 

Wednesday we had the COOLEST opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar talk to all of the missionaries in Chile Argentina Paraguay  and Uruguay. he was in Buenos Aires.. but it was broadcasted to us.. and it was just so amazing. It is such a cool experience to see apostoles of the Lord in less formal situations. He truly just talked to us.. and was so humble. He talked a LOT about the spirit and conversion. And the thing he encouraged us the most.. is to only take notes on the things that the spirit tells us. NOT just write down everything he is saying. and then actually go.. and study the notes that we took.. and PONDER them.. and pray about them.. and ask the Lord how we can put what we learned into action. He talked about how in the church.. we have a foolish tradition about taking notes and writing down what the speaker says and then never looking at those notes again. He talked about how he wasn´t the teacher.. and that we aren´t teachers.. but the spirit is. It was powerful. One of my favorite parts is when his wife actually talked. There was a chance for the missionaries that were there to ask questions.. and someone asked the question.. ¨how do we stay humble?¨and he actually let his wife answer. She talked about being completely dependent on the Lord. How in her life.. and with the calls that Elder Bednar has had in the church.. and how it was really hard for her. She said after explaining multiple examples.. "I thought I couldn't do it.. but He helped me do it. In every occasion. I relied on him.. and he carried me through".  The coolest part.. was at the end though. when he just got quiet.. and bore one of the most powerful but simple testimonies of our savior jesus christ. I couldn´t help the tears that came to my eyes.  I am SO grateful for apostles.. that live and are called of God and are real. I am so grateful for the priesthood authority that we have today.. and for a loving God who wants us to be happy.

He exists.. and does everything he that we can be happy. I know it. I know he is real. I love Him.
I am so grateful to be a missionary and help other people know that too. 

I hope you all have a great week.
Hermana Ehlert

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