Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hi all :)

It has been a rollercoastery week!

We have been seeing miracles here in this little corner of the Lord's vineyard, and I am OH so happy to be going about my Father's work.

This week we were able to work with some of the members in the branch here and take some food to a less active. She had asked us 2 weeks ago for food.. her husband lost her job and they were living off of potatoes that they plant in their backyard. So we were able to get some food together and went over with some youth and other members. It was a cool experience for everyone. She looked so grateful and I think the members were especially uplifted. 

TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN ON you have any good and creative ideas about how to work with members and get them more excited about doing missionary work? All suggestions are welcome. Hermana Fox and I are working on working with members more. 

Also.. a few weeks ago Yael.. our amazing investigator... asked us if we had any clothes for her little boys because they will be starting school soon. We were again able to talk to our members and we got a big backpack full of clothes to take to them. It was so special. And even her husband... the one that is really against the church came out and thanked us. We are still praying that his heart will be softened so that Yael will be allowed to come to church.

We did divisions this week and I was able to visit Yael again. She is doing amazing.. but is becoming more and more worried that her reading the book of mormon is upsetting her husband. We tried to help her know that when we do what the Lord wants, he truly blesses us.. and that sometimes we don't understand everything.. but truly loves us and when we do what he asks, we will be happiest. 

I have seen this over and over again on my mission. How GRATEFUL I feel to have the gospel in my life. I know that we truly can be happiest when we follow the Lord's plan for us. 

So we did divisions.. I was with a brand new hermana from California. Her parents are from Mexico.. so she came to the mission speaking spanish. She has about 3 weeks here.. and she definitely has Cali Swag. haha.. she is super fun. We had a great time together. :)

So Saturday after the divisions ended.. my poor comp got a super high fever again.. so we went back to the hospital to get her checked out and they did more tests on her.. she is doing fine now.. and they told her that all of her results came back normal.. but I'm not totally convinced... like our bodies don't just get really high fevers when nothing is wrong. Right?? Anyways. She is resting a little more and hopefully we will be able to get out and working by the end of this week.

ALSO.. tomorrow Elder Bednar comes to south america!! He isn't coming to our mission.. but we are recieving and satellite transmission to watch him. So that should be amazing. 

I learned something cool this week.. we had reading assignments to study and prepare us for Elder Bednar.. and one of the talks we had to read talked about how the Isrealites.. when they were crossing the Red Sea.. had to first get their feet wet before the water parted. Like.. she could have gotten to the shore and stood and waited and been like "What the?? It was supposed to have parted by now!!" But they carried on with faith.. doubting nothing.. and even had to enter into the water before the miracle happened. I loved that story. It helped me a lot. 
I am working and studying about how I can increase my faith. I am ever impressed by the brother of Jared.. who had such exceeding faith that the veil could not be kept from him. I was that kind of faith. 

I know this is the church of Jesus Christ. I love him. He is my Savior. 
And I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who sent him to die for me. 
I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me. 

Hasta la proxima :)
Hermana Ehlert

when we went to the ruins in a place called San Ignacio last Pday! It was SO fun and cool to see. They are the people called Jesuitas? I think? It was SO hot.

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