Monday, March 21, 2016

chocolate chips and bee stings

Well another week has gone by. The weeks are so fast.. but really can be so slow. 

Hmm.. this week. It was a good one. We travelled to a city in Paraguay called Encarnacion for a meeting with all the leaders in the mission. It was so fun.. and as always.. president brings the most special spirit. Him and hermana Lapierre finish their mission at the very beginning of july. It is so sad.. because they will be so missed. He is amazing. 

We were back in our area working by wednesday. I am still getting to know the area.. and remember last week when I told you how big my area is? Well.. its actually 140 km long... yeah. and did I mention that we don't have a car? and do it all my foot or bus? Yeah...there are MANY parts of the area where missionaries have never even been able to touch because it is so big. In a week.. we touch about 25 km... maybe. depending on the week. it is just GINORMOUS. but its an adventure.. and it's exciting. But not going to lie.. it's definitely been an adjustment.. especially compared to little Corpus which has approximately 24 streets... so yeah. I am slowly figuring out the bus system and schedule.. and trying not to get frustrated. Something I have ndefinitely learned on my mission.. is that i need to be more patient with myself and that I need to not expect perfection. BUT DARN... it can be frustrating. hahaha. *rant over*.

So last week I'm pretty sure I told you all about Lucy as well? Well she came to church again this week.. just glowly in a new dress that she bought just to wear to church. she was only wearing pants to church before.. but proudly told us.. that if she was going to be baptized in the church.. that she needed to start looking more like a member. and she brought her darling daughter as well. We were able to have a lesson with her after church.. and it was SO AMAZING. I feel so grateful to be the missionary here at this time to be able to teach her. she is SO prepared. She told us this week instead of listening to president hinkley talks while she is working.. she decided to listen to president monsons talks.. and that she LOVES his stories. We talked about repentence and the atonement.. and then had to talk about the law of chastity.. because she has a boyfriend.. but she isn't living with him. after we finished expalining.. shesat thinking for a minute.. and then said.. "you know what hermanas.. this is something new for me.. and it won't be easy for me to tell my boyfriend.. but i will pray and ask God if it really is a commandment.. and when I come to know for myself that it is from him.. i will keep it completely." I was just amazed with her willness and faith. I have not stopped thinking about her courageous answer. AND how amazing.. that in our church.. we encourage all to turn to God and recieve confirmation and answers for ourselves. I LOVE that. She accepted the date to be baptized April 9.. and we will be working with her the best we can to make sure she is prepared for that day. and i know she will be.. because she is SO ready. I love her. 
I really hope that story made sense.

SO. funny thing of the week. man.. I just have TERRIBLE luck with bugs or something... but wow. we were walking back to our pension to eat lunch and a bug flew into my facek out to get it away from me. I then looked down and it turns out the bug was a bee.. and it was still on my shirt. so i tried to casually brush it off and it ended up totally stinging my ring finger. dang. I didn't think too much of it.. but it just kind of hurt. we kept working normally that day.. and it started to get pretty swollen.. so that night I just took an ibuprofen and went to sleep.. and thought it would be normal in the morning... welll.... yeah... it wasn't so normal in the morning. it was about twice the size that my finger should be... and really red. seriously.. it looked like a hot dog.. and we joked about it the whole day. so apparently i have a small allergy to bees. so yesterday.. sunday... i had a hotdog finger. but not to worry.. i battled through playing the piano for sacrament meeting.. and member gave me some crushed up plant mixture to put on which supposedly is the best remedy in paraguay.. and I took an anti allergy pill.. and today.. it's basically back to normal. SO PHEW. haha. things are good. 

I realized i missed paraguay this week.. and I am happy to be back in this country serving these wonderful peope. 
also.. bonus this week. I found REAL hershey's chocolate chips this weeks to put in some banada bread that i made (because since i have started my mission..i haven't been able to find then.. and if you want chocolate chips.. you have to buy a bar of cholocate and cut it up yourself.. so it really was a huge blessing.. because i couldnt really cut with my hotdog finger).. and soy milk in a random grocery store.. that is actually VERY similar to what you would find in the states. so yay. they were happy finds. 

i hope you all have the greatest week. 

hermana ehlert

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