Monday, March 28, 2016

cockroaches, conference, and easter :)


This week was great and reaally fast. 

So from the pictures.. we went to Asuncion to do some legal paperwork and stuff. So check.. I'm not illegal in Paraguay.. YAY! Then we came back and a companionship of hermanas were moving pensions because there's was literally INFESTED with cockroaches. I'm not kidding. It was TERRIBLE. So what we helped them with.. we had to de-cockroach every single piece of furniture that they had. Beds.. desks.. fridge.. shelfs.. seats. And they were really good and in there. Like everything.. and then sand it and repaint it. It was so much work.. and we did that the whole day on Wednesday. I have never killed so many baby cockroaches in my life. wow. 
So we only worked from Thursday to Sunday this week.. but it was actually GREAT. We were able to find some new people with some great potential.

Things are progressing along with Lucy.. and she will have her baptismal interview this week. She is excited and glowing. We were supposed to have a lesson with her on Thursday in the church and we got there.. and called and called and texted and waited for 40 minutes.. and she didn't show up. I was worried.. and anxious. But we were able to get in touch with her on Saturday night.. and everything was fine. We has miscommunicated days and was in Brazil where she works on Thursday. But it's allll good now. I love her. She is amazing. 
On Sunday we were able to have a charla with her after church. We were going over a few of the baptismal interview questions.. and I asked her what it meant to her to be a member of the church and why she wanted to be a member.. and she sat and thought for a minute, and then said "it's the restored church of jesus christ.. why wouldn't someone want to be a member of this church?" My heart just smiled. It's moments like that in the mission.. where you just know you are doing your job.

My favorite thing about the week was being able to talk and preach and testify of christ and specifically his resurrection. I forgot where I read it or where I learned it.. but because HE was resurrected.. it means he truly is the Christ.. the son of God.. and the only person to walk the face of the earth to have the power to overcome death. And because he is the Christ.. we have hope in this life, and in the life to come. 
I know he lives, and I know he was resurrected more than 2000 years ago. I know he is our Savior, and because of Him we will live again. I can't wait for that day. This transfer I started the Book of Mormon over.. and I am going to try and finish it before the end of the transfer. I love how it talks, teaches, and testifies of Christ. I was humbled this week to be a representative of Him.

I can't wait for conference this week. I should be able to watch it in English which is SO HAPPY. yay yay yay. We joke as missionaries.. it's kind of like the super bowl for us.

I hope you all have an amazing week, and especially weekend. Mom.. maka cinnamon rolls and eat two for me. 
I love you all.

hermana ehlert
hot dog finger.. i promise it was worse in real life. #yuck

Hermana Wanlass and I at the temple in Asuncion when we went last week. and some good fail jumping pictures too.


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