Tuesday, March 15, 2016


heeeyy familyyy :)
to be totally honest.. this week was kind of a longer one.. but I will do my best and update you in a nutshell.
1. I left my beloved corpus.. and was SO sad to say bye some of my favorite people who I have met in my mission.. both members and investigators. it was very hard to also say bye to Hermana Fox.. but I KNOW she will take great care of that special place!
2. After we left Corpus we went to Posadas.. and we had to opportunity to welcome all the new missionaries that were coming into the mission!! It was so fun.. and we were with them for all day and a night while they had interviews with president and orientation and stuff.. and then after that.. I was quickly whisked away to cross the boarder to Paraguay!
3. Minga Guazu: So I don't know what "minga" means.. but Guazu in Guarani means "giant". MUY GRANDE. My area is the biggest in the mission right now. IT IS HUGE. like 60 kilometers long.. and like 15 wide. SO BIG. we take lots of city buses to get around.. but from one side of my area to another in a city bus.. is like 2 hours. it's so big. 
4. the members. are just FANTASTIC. They are seriously awesome.. and right now.. the church they are attending is actually in another city close to where we are.. but is about 30 minutes away for most of the members.. BUT they are building a new church that should be done right after general conference right in Minga Guazu.. that will be MUCH closer for many of the members. so that is so exciting.. and everyone is just so excited for that! YAY. I am still in a branch technically.. but it's pretty big... or the biggest that i have been in my whole mission. This sunday we had an attendance of like 70 people!! It felt like SO many to me.. I mean.. I'm like used to little branches.. where there is like less that 30 people. so we are working to try and convert Minga Guazu into a ward!! So that is exciting!! 
5. My comp Hermana Martinez! She is GREAT. like i said last time she is finishing her mission this transfer.. but she is a very hard worker. To be honest.. we have the most differences than any of my other companions have had. she has a completely different style of doing missionary work than me. I'm not saying that it is bad or the wrong way.. it is just very different than my way. So we are slowly trying to figure the balance.. and how we work together. It is going to require a lot of patience and work on my part.. but it has gotten better every day, and I feel very strongly that we are supposed to be together.. and that I can learn a lot from her. i just need to humble myself a little more I think. 
6. We have an AWESOME investigator. her name is lucy.. and she actually is the daughter of a recent convert. she has come to church and done quite a bit of research on her own (like a lot of research on her own.I'm pretty sure she knows more of the church resources than I do..) but she actually works in Brasil which is like 20 minutes away from our away every day of the week. BUT.. this sunday after church we were able to have a lesson with her in the capilla.. and we were able to figure out a time that will work for her and us.. to be able to start teaching us. She expressed to us that she has desires to change her life.. and that she wants to have the change in her life.. that she saw in her mom and brother that were recently baptized. She is 24.. and literally STUNNING. like beautiful. and so sincere.. and yeah. WOW. I am just so exciting to be able to start working with her. But something so strongly I felt.. while I was in the lesson with her.. is how much the Lord really is in charge of this week.. and how we as missionaries.. we are simply just tools in His hands. God knows his children.. and preparing each one. Like.. I did absolutely nothing in the process of helping lucy be prepared.. like NOTHING. and I won't do anything either from this point on.. but solely be a tool for the spirit and God to work with.. so that He can help one of his daughters come to know the truth. Does that make sense? It was a great realization I had this week.. and something that I always knew.. but something that really clicked and hit home during that lesson. How lucky am I to be able to be here during this amazing time of change for Lucy. I am excited to see where she goes. 
7. PARAGUAY. goodness. where you can find things that are actually from the united states of america.. like large jars of JIF peanut butter.. and snickers chocolate bars. bliss I tell you. where you eat mandioca with literally everryyy meal. this fattening, potatoey root.. that somehow kind of tastes good. I forgot how different it really is from argentina. Like.. welcome to the land where EVERYONE SPEAKS GUARANI. to me.. it truly sounds like an asain language. ugh.. so difficult. but I especially love the paraguayan people. they are so special.. and kind.. and wow. just the greatest. it's fun to practice the little bit of guarani I know.
anways. things are just going great in this part of the Lord's vineyard. just pushing along with my shoulder to the wheel. :)
have the greatest week. 
Hermana Ehlert

jumping for joy even though i was sad to be leaving!
saying bye to old members
bus ride from posadas to paraguay!
the new area. with hermana martinez

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