Tuesday, March 8, 2016


mi familia! 
I hope you all have had an amazing week. 
SO.. biggest news. Transfers are here.. and I am seriously so sad to say that I am leaving my beloved Corpus and Roca. I am so sad to be leaving these two little towns. AND.. I am heading BACK to Paraguay.. or the promised land as it is known in the mission :) haha. I was shocked and pretty sad when I heard the changes. I was pretty sure that I would be able to stay one more transfer here with Hna Fox.. but the Lord has other plans. I have not been this sad to leave an area since I started my mission. I just LOVE the people here so much. They are my family, and I will miss them so bad. I am heading back to a city called Minga Guazu. It is actually pretty close to my old area Hernandarias. I will miss Argentina though a lot.. and especially this little town. But I am excited and ready for this new start that the Lord is giving me.. and I am ready to hit the ground running and give Him everything I have.

Other than changes.. the week was pretty uneventful. We were actually in Posadas for quite a few days because Hermana Fox was getting more medical tests done. Update on her.. she is actually doing better every day.. and according to the results.. she seems fine. But just needs a requires a lot of rest still. I am grateful from her.. and love her lots. 

So remember Ivan?? We were able to visit him one time this week.. and he was there!!! And we were able to teach him the Book of Mormon. He was emotional and struggling with his health.. and we were just able to bear a simple testimony of the Atonement.. and about Jesus Christ.. and that he knows.. KNOWS everything that we go through.. and has felt what we felt. The spirit was there.. and my testimony burned a little deeper into my soul. 

Cristian and Lorena are doing great. OH.. how I am going to miss them. I love them SO much. But I know that one day they will all be baptized as a family.. and be able to be sealed in the temple for all time and through eternity. They started reading the Book of Mormon together as a family this week. The spirit is working in Cristian´s heart.. in incredible ways.. and is such a testimony builder to be to see the changes in him. 

This weekend we had stake conference..and it was so great. We travelled back to Posadas Saturday night for the adult session, and then stayed the night and then we had the normal session Sunday morning. WHAT A JOY it was to see SO MANY members in one place at one time. The chapel and back room were overflowing onto the stage.. and we had 2 other FULL rooms of people. It was AWESOME. 

President and Hermana Lapierre both spoke.. and my favorite part was when president talked in the adult session. shoot... that man is just so amazing. His testimony just burns from him. He got emotional as he bore testimony of Christ and of missionary work. He is coming to the end of his mission.. only 4 months left and is very sad to be leaving. This place will miss him. 

OH.. I almost forgot.. my new comp! She is from Mexico!! Her name is Hermana Martinez.. and guess what?!? This is her last transfer... so now that is 3 people that I have "killed" in the mission in the last 6 months. darn. pray for me.. it´s really not the easiest thing. 

BUT.. it has always been hope of mine to have a mexican comp! I am totes excited. She is awesome!! and we will be together as hermana leaders. It´s funny.. I have actually done divisions with her a few months ago. She is great.. and I am excited to be with another Latina! WOOT. 

Sorry.. not the most entertaining email.. I will try and be better next week. 
Hermana Ehert 

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