Friday, April 8, 2016

April 4, 2016

Wow! Fastest week EVER for me. But it was a good one.. filled with the spirit. 

We were able to do divisions this week.. with two companionships of hermanas. The first one.. I was with a newer hermana named Hermana Alvarez.. she is from Peru... and I just LOVE her. She is so great. She is a convert.. and one of the only members in her family. Her spirit is strong.. and when she bares her testimony.. it is just so simple and powerful. I loved it.  We were working in my area that day.. and we had a lesson with Lucy scheduled.. but not in the chapel like normal after church.. but in her boyfriends house.. which is like REALLY far. So we got directions from her over the phone.. and then ventured out. One hour, two city buses later and a lot of asking.. we got to her house!!! It was awesome. We had a great lesson with her about the temple and eternal families. She already knew much about it from what she has already learned and what her brother who is recently baptized has told her.. but the spirit was sweet and strong. She is just so amazing. After the lesson.. we got on a bus that she told us to get on.. and were headed back to our area..... or so we thought. We actually got on the wrong bus.. and it ended up taking us through a part of town that I do not know.. and then to centro.. like the middle of the big city. It was fine.. because once we were in centro I knew what bus to take and where to go.. but it was getting late and dark.. and after 7 the buses don't pass quite as often. We were waiting on the sidewalk for almost 40 minutes.. and by this point it was dark.. and there weren't many people out. If the bus didn't pass within 5 more minutes.. we would actually be late getting back to our pension. I was getting more and more nervous and poor Hermana Alvarez was as well... and we both jsut really wanted to be on a bus heading back to our own area. I decided we should say a prayer.. because bus after bus passed.. but not the one that we needed. We quickly stood close together on the sidewalk and I offered a quick prayer.. and the moment I opened my eyes to look down the road.. it was our bus that we needed. The relief and spirit overwhelmed me... and we hugged eachother and quickly jumped on the bus... arriving back in our pension.. exactly.. like to the minute.. on time. hahahaha.. it seems kind of dumb now.. but in that moment of a little bit of fear and anxiousness.. I knew our Heavenly Father was watching out for us. He cared about us two there that night... and it was a strong testimony to me of His love for us. 

His love was also shown personally to me this weekend during conference.. as the spirit whipered to me and helped me resolve and find answers to questions and the peace I was seeking. I hope you all had the chance to watch it. It's kind of funny.. but it's like the superbowl for us missionaries. I was able to watch it in English.. and felt so humble and lucky to be able to hear the direct words of our prophet and apostles.

SO.. lucy.. she actually got DENGUE! LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She sent us a text Sunday morning and told us she coudln't get out of bed.. so we wasn't able to have her baptismal interview. As we prayed as companions.. and me individually.. I just felt that everything would work out exactly how God wanted it.. even though I didn't quite understand.. and it would turn out for the best of everyone. 
I love Him. I loved the talk on Saturday about recognizing who we really are.. and what our first reactions are to challenges or trials. 

I love you ALL.. SO SO much. 

xoxoxoxo from Paraguay 
Hermana Ehlert

is the place i serve even real?! 

I bought a succulent this week for 3 dollars. and named it Hai pei... in gaurani. :)

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