Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello all! 

Well it's been the CRAZIEST week. 

I will just jump right in. 

So... this week we had interviews with President. I don't know if I have told you before but we have interviews every 3 months. Man... he is seriously amazing. I love that I am getting to know him more and more. He is incredible. My interview with him was my favorite yet. Seriously. I don't really know how to describe it but he is one of the most spiritual men that I know. This interview was more personal for me as well. I love him. yeah.. I don't know what else more to say.. just that it was great. I LOVE his wife too. They rock. I have the great mission presidents. 

Umm.. what else. This week was the last week of transfers.. and the office called us and told us that we had to find a new apartment and move before the end of the month and move because the apartment that we are in right now.. the rent is REALLY expensive. So yeah.. this week we went apartment shopping. It was fun and crazy. So we found one close.. about two blocks away.. and the rent is HALF of what we were paying before. So we had to pack and clean our old apartment, clean the new apartment because it was a disaster.. and then move everything (with the help of our zone leaders) to the new apartment. Crazy. So that took about 2 full days. Also.. the old apartment came completely furnished.. and the new one doesn't have anything.. so we also got to go shopping to buy a fridge.. beds and dressers... haha. we are basically a married couple. It was so funny trying to decide and comparing prices and stuff. So yeah.. that was crazy. 

All of that craziness aside it was a good week. It was EXTRA long it felt like.. maybe because I was anticipating transfers and it was just weird.. but yeah. Extra long. We were able to find some great people though. Not a TON of people.. but a few select ones that really have interest and potential. I'm excited for them to see what happens with them. 

So last Tuesday we had a lesson with Isaias. It was sad.. we invited him for the second time to be baptized.. because the first time he declined.. and this time he said no again. We are at the point with him that we don't know what more else to do. We can't keep teaching him things if he isn't going to commit to baptism or ATLEAST come to church. It's sad. We told him that we would leave him for a week to continue praying and reading the book of mormon.. and if he really wanted to know if the church is true he needed to come to church. And sunday rolled around.. and he didn't come. It was really sad. We will visit him tomorrow.. and let him know that we probably won't be able to keep visiting him as often and stuff now. It's sad. My heart literally broke for him. But the thing is.. and what it tells us in preach my gospel.. I'm not sad or disappointed in myself. I know that I put in my effort. I did everything I could. We fasted and prayed and invited and bore testimony with the spirit.. and then it is up to the people to use their agency and act on what we have given them. I still continue and praying and hoping for him. And if he doesn't accept it now.. i know that sometime he will accept it. I think personally that he has recieved an answer and that he knows... the problem is, is that he is scared to completely change. To change his entire life around. His entire family is catholic and not interested.. and it would be hard. and scary. I know that. It's not an easy thing that we are asking people to do. The path to follow our savior and redeemer isn't an easy one. It was NEVER easy for him.. as elder holland says.. so why would we expect that it wold be easy for us. 
But yeah.. that's the update on Isaias. I love that boy.. he is very special.. and I really am lucky to be one of the first missionaries to teach him. I know he will do amazing things. 

Ummm.. what else. 

OH YEAH. TRANSFERS. So yeah.. I felt like I would be leaving.. even though I sincerely didn't want to. I wasn't ready and I feel like there is still things that I can do here.. but oddly enough I had TWO dreams last week where I got transfered.  So yeah.. the AP's called me this morning.. and let me know that I'm getting transfered. I'm going to ARGENTINA. I little tiny town called Corpus. It's the smallest area in the mission. And guess who my companion is.. YOU WILL NEVER GUESS. HERMANA OLVERA. AGAIN. TWO TIMES. WHAT?! I was absolutely and completely in shock. I can't believe it.  She is finishing her mission. It's her last transfer.. so I will be with her when she finishes. CRAZY. As far as I know.. this has never happened before.. but seriously. yeah. I was shocked. I'm still shocked. Crazy. But I've heard TONS about corpus and I'm really excited to serve there. Hermana Finlinson.. my other companion has also served there and LOVED it. I'm also really excited to be going to ARgentina. Until now.. I have only been serving in Paraguay in my mission. And I LOVE paraguay.. SO SO much. I love this place. I think it's the greatest country in the world.. but I've been really curious about how argentina is.. so it will be a good change I think. 
I've heard from other missionaries that it's really different in argentina. teaching. finding. everything. So I'm really excited. 

At the same time though.. I'm also really sad to be leaving Hermana Lopez. I LOVE her SO much. But her new companion will be Hermana Jackman.. my companion from the MTC. Crazy right?! 

So yeah.. I'm going to argentina. I'm going to miss this place. 

But yeah.. that's my week. I'm so happy to be a missionary. I love bringing this amazing message to others. 
I love you all. Have the best week! 

Hermana Ehlert

Hna Lopez and I cleaning in the old apartment. 

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