Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 17, 2015

Hi all!


I am just SO busy this transfer the weeks are FLYING by to me.

A while ago I was noting down things throughout the week that I wanted to share in my email.. but I have gotten lazier. I am sorry! I will try and do better this week.

So I am emailing today because yesterday we had a zone conference with President. So we have Pday today. Man I love president.. so much. He is seriously an incredible man. He is amazing. He bore one of the
strongest testimonies of the book of mormon that I have ever heard last week. but the most simple at the same time. 

This week. Hermana Olvera and I had meetings for the mission in Posadas tuesday and wednesday.. so we were only working in our area from thursday to sunday. Its also hard because we have two towns that we are trying to work in.. so we have to work quickly and effectively and take advantage on every second that we have when we are in our area. 

Corpus.. it is a little town and missionaries have been there forever.. so EVERYONE has been talked to atleast once by missionaries. It seriously has 24 roads and thats it. It is so small.. so finding new people and peaking interests is very hard. But this week we were trying to find new people.. and we found not only 1 person that had
never talked to missionaries before BUT 4. Hermana Olvera has been here in this area for 5 months now.. and she has never found someone that hasnt talked to missionaries until this week. It was a miracle. So I am really excited to see where things can go with them this week coming up. We also have some solid investigators in Corpus.. Romina and Rumilda. I wont go into details.. but they are DARLING. And they accepted the invitation to be baptized. I love seeing how the Lord is preparing people to recieve this message. Roca... As I explained before.. missionaries havent been here until recently.. so almost everyone we talk to has never even heard of the
church. It is exciting work.. and we are trying our absolute best to give a really good first impression. We are teaching the COOLEST couple. They are so poor actually. They live in a tiny TEENY house with a dirt floor.. but they truly have desires to change. I absolutely LOVE that I can be a tool in the hands of the Lord to bring his children the restored gospel. I am so lucky to be with Hermana Olvera again. We have both really grown as missionaries since our last time together... and we are both bringing out the best in eachother I think.
Never in my mission have I felt the spirit so strongly and peacefully and calmly. I have felt the spirit MANY times in my mission.. but never like this. Its just a solid and background thing.. but always there. pushing me further and helping me along. I dont really know how to describe it. I am loving argentina more and more. It is distinctly different than paraguay. We are trying to work more by faith. we are setting higher goals and trying to stretch and grow our faith. I have been studying a lot about the brother of jared recently.. and his amazing faith.
Um.. what else. Have I mentioned that I am serving in the most BEAUTIFUL AREA IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Every day I have to remind myself to appreciate the beauty around me. Its amazing. I truly cant believe it. I wish you all could see it. this week it rained a TON.. and one afternoon we were walking.. and it stopped raining and all of the sudden a HUGE FULL complete double rainbow appeared.. it was amazing. We just stopped for 2 minutes and just stood and appreciated it. incredible. Downsides of living in a rainforest though.. there are bugs bugs bugs. of EVERY shape and size. But speaking of bugs.. fireflies. THEY ARE AMAZING. And everywhere at night. I wish you could all see it. Tonight we are going to do divisions with two hermanas in a city about an hour away. It should be really fun.. but again.. another week that we wont have tons of time in our area.

I love you all. Im sorry if my email is boring. Ill try and do better next week.

I LOVE being a missionary and representing my savior.

xoxo from argentina.
Hermana Ehlert

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