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Wow I love you all SO much.

So I will just start right off. First of all. I am in the most ghetto computer place EVER. It is terrible. I swear the computer that I am typing on is CERTAINLY from the 70s or something. Yeah. So yay for that.

So this week was just crazy and a blur! I left Hernandarias. I was actually VERY sad to leave that place. I felt like there was still things that I could have done there. And I was also VERY sad to be leaving Hermana Lopez.. but that is the mission. At the same time I was very excited to be going to Argentina finally.. and being with
Hermana Olvera again.

We are Hermana Leaders together.. and we have 7 hermanas in our zone that we will do divisions with together. so that will be super be able to learn from them and work with them. So I got to my new area on Thursday night. We travelled all night wednesday and then crossed the boarder and we were on our way. I´m
about an hour from Posadas. SO.. Corpus Christi is my area. It is the smallest area in the mission. kind of. I´ll explain that in a second. But its very VERY tiny. and literally in the middle of the RAINFOREST.

So bugs. Bugs are a very real thing here. Mosquitos like CRAZY. and all sorts of fun cochroaches and other things that are GIANT. Yeah. Lots of bug spray. I have been here not even a week.. and my legs are destroyed. shoot. I´m flying through bugspray like crazy. so corpus. there is one road that leads to corpus. That is the one way in and out. Its crazy tiny. BUT.. something that is totally incredible that I have the chance to do is that Hermana Olvera and I are opening another area called Roca..that is a little city about 15 minutes by bus. We have a pension in Corpus where the branch and everything is.. and then we have a pension in Corpus. Hermana Olvera started opening up Corpus last transfer.. but they didnt have a house there. So it was really difficult. But we now have a house there.. so we travel back and forth every other day.. and we are working in both areas. Its crazy.. and complicated.. but I feel SO lucky to be one of the first missionaries opening up a new area.

Umm.. ARGENTINA. I´m so so excited to be here.. but its very different from Paraguay. I miss Paraguay. There is a bit of an adjustment. Especially because last area I was in a big city with lots of things and people and stuff going on.. and here there is literally nothing. It is so tiny and different. I´m so grateful to be with Hermana Olvera though. She seriously is an incredible missionary.. and we are working better than ever together. I have grown as a missionary since our time together.. and so has she.. and we are literally just ready to set Roca on fire. President wants us working hard and smart there.. and we have already seen miracles in contacting and finding prepared people this week. I´m so excited to see where is can go. The hardest part is.. is getting people to church.. because MANY people dont have cars.. and buses dont run on Sundays. There is one family of members in Roca..and they have a car.. but they dont have extra seats because they have kids. So that is going to be a hard thing for us.. but we are working on finding and contacting people that will be prepared. (and contacting the houses that have cars... :) hahhaha

Anyways.. that is all for now I think.

I will hopefully have more fun updates next week.

I love you all. so so much.
xoxoxo from ARGENTINA

Hermana Ehlert

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