Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

wow HEY! This week was just SO fast. Well kinda.. the days just fly.. but there is just so much that happens every day and week it seems like things have happened two weeks ago when in reality it was only like 2 days before if that makes sense. 
But this transfer is just flying by. Its so fun.. and so great.
So we did divisions with the hermanas in Obera last week. It was a blast. It is a big city.. so it was a good and different change to be working in a bigger city again.. compared to the two teeny tiny towns that I work in. It was just so fun. 
Then we were back in our area working our butts off. 
Hermana Olvera and I have nicknamed this transfer.. "The Kick Butt Transfer".. we just want to go out every day and kick butt. haha its fun. 
So wednesday.. I hit 9 months. CRAZY RIGHT?! 
We went and bought ice cream. During my time in paraguay I really didnt know what I was missing until I ate argentine ice cream.. and let me tell you.. it is divine. YUM. so that was a fun celebration. 
Then thursday was thanksgiving. And even though no one here knows what that is.. and I wasnt with my family.. i dont think that I have ever had such a marvelous thanksgiving. I was just filled with the spirit that day. Like I said last week.. gratitude is a characteristic that I am trying to develop.. and it just completely changes my days and my perspective and how I work. I am trying to just LIVE gratitude.. instead of just having it. Does that make sense? 
We also had chicken empenadas that day for lunch with a member family.. and if you didnt think too hard.. it kind of tasted like turkey.. so basically we ate thanksgiving in an empenada. It was good enough :)
Friday nothing párticularly special happened.. except we contacted a guy named Claudio. We ended up talking to him for about 20 minutes. Its kind of amazing. As a missionary.. people just start telling you problems they have.. its kind of weird.. but happens very often. For some reason they just trust us and start opening up... it definitely doesnt happen with EVERY person.. but with lots. anyways.. we talked to him.. and invited him to church..I really didnt think too much about it. But we planned to go back. and then we got to church on Sunday.. AND HE CAME. We told him that church starts at 9.. but he told us that he had been there since 8 just because he didnt want to be late. He is great. and is the only person at this point that we have that has the option of being a convert before christmas. So we will be praying and working with him really hard. His name is Claudio. 
We had some other amazing miracles this week.. but I just dont have time to explain all of them. shoot. 
Something I am working on every day.. as cheesy as it sounds.. just loving and living in the moment every day. Something I heard recently is that humans have a disease.. we are constantly obsessed with what has happened on what will happen.. and we just cant take time to love and enjoy the moment.. I am working on that. Just loving and living the moment. And not letting my thoughts leave that moment. Does that make sense? I think if we as humans can master that.. we would be a lot happier. But it definitely requires work and faith. 
I have also been studying faith. It is the most fascinating topic I think. You can never stop learning more. 
Anyways.. I hope this made sense. This transfer is flying. I cant believe it. 
I AM SO EXCITED AS WE ENTER INTO THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON. Today I bought a green poster board thing and cut out a tree. I plan to decorate it somehow too. But we will see. :)
I love you all so much. I am so so grateful for you all! 
Hermana Ehlert

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