Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

mi querida familia :)
I actually wasnt feeling super great at the beginning of the week.. and on Fridaywe actually didnt go work because I got a sinus infection. So that was a bummer.. and the day included sleeping and watching 17 miracles with my comp :) haha. But Im definitely feeling better now. 
So here in MInga.. for more than 2 years now.. they have been constructing a new meeting house.. and in the meantime they have been going to a church super far away for everyone.. BUT. This week they announced that it is officially finished and authorized so we will be in the new church that is actually in our area this sunday! So that was super exciting. We are banking on a lot of less active members and other investigators to come now.. because now, it really is so much closer and they don´t have much of an excuse. 
It has been really hard on all the members.. and they have all had to sacrifice a lot to even be able to come to church. Many used to come to church walking.. but when they moved the church temporarily.. they didn´t have the means anymore to come to church. SO.. stay tuned for next week.. because I think it will be amazing. I can´t wait. :)
Umm.. Leticia and Ignacio are progressing slowly. THey still aren´t moving towards marriage.. and that is their biggest obstacle right now. But.. Leticia came to church this week and seems more and more comfortable. We also had one of our best lessons that we have had with them this week. We talked about Lehi´s dream.. and Ignacio really could relate to the reality of the "great and spacious building". He says at work.. a lot of guys make fun of the religious guys and say that they are wasting their time. He expressed to us.. that he knows these things are true.. and he can´t deny how he feels.. but it´s still really hard when the world is so against it. 
Leticia also told us that we should go visit her brother that conveniantly live next door to her. SO.. we went of course. His name is Ever.. and his wife´s name is Yesica. They actually aren´t married (shocker).. but they are AWESOME. Especially her. And he was actually visited by missionaries years ago.. has a book of mormon.. and went to church several times. We were only able to have one lesson with them this week.. but they are awesome. I will let you know :)

We travelled to a Encarnación last night and are here all day today and tomorrow. We have a meeting a leaders and with the assistents and president. It will be his last one. SO SAD. I will miss him so much.
Anyways.. sorry kind of boring this week.. but I´m happy and basically healthy.. so don´t even worry. :)
Thank you for your prayers.
Hermana Ehlert
ps... 9 jehova´s witnesses moved into apartments literally right next to us. So that´s really interesting. ;)

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