Tuesday, May 31, 2016


so I will start off with transfers.. I don't have any! YAY. Hermana Cannon and I are staying together another transfer. 

So yay. booya. can't wait. 

so this week was just full of great things. First off.. we weren't able to work too much because my comp had to go to the dentist one day and that basically took up our entire day.. and then we ended up having to go BACK to the dentist two days later for a checkup and another filling.. so yeah. BUT.. the days that we were able to work were wonderful!!! 

Wednesday morning.. we were contacting.. and having little success and then our lunch appointment called us and cancelled. so dangit. My companion spotted a girl walking toward us.. so we decided to talk to her. We asked her where she was walking to, and she told us that she just left work and that she was walking to her house.. and she invited us to walk with her. LIKE OF COURSE! We talked with her and walked for about 5 minutes and got to her house.. where her mom was making 30 LOAVES OF BREAD. (We later found out that she makes 30 loaves of bread every morning.. and then at 3 or so in the afternoon.. goes out in the streets and sells them! That is her work! haha isn't that awesome?!) They warmly invited us in.. seriously as if we were their family or something. We started talking with the girl.. she is 22 and her name is yesica. She immediately opened up and told us about her story.. how she was depressed.. and super skinny.. and about 5 months ago she started to really know God, and God brought her out of her depression.. and gave her meaning in her life again. She told us that it's really hard because her mom is really catholic and wasn't very accepting of her change of religion.. but has slowly accepted it over the months. We were hardly able to have a lesson with her before her mom invited us to stay for lunch!! So we obviously accepted.. and then as we set a return time to come back.. she gave us a fresh, hot loaf of bread and practically begged us to come back.. because they "just feel so good when we are in their house". It's all a complicated and confusing situation with their family.. but we see so much potential in their entire family. I am just so grateful for an inspired companion!! Stay tuned of Yesica and her fam. Hope that story make sense. 
I just continually am shocked at the tender mercies of God.. whether it's putting a member in our path that needed a little pick me up that day.. or helping us catch a bus right at the time when we needed. He just loves his children. It's that simple. And even though.. we are just two little hermanas in the middle of paraguay.. he is worried about us. And helps us. I don't know if I have said it before in an email.. but I have never felt so guided and blessed in my entire mission. The day is full of these miracles. 

We were walking and I had a realization. Could it have been true that my entire mission has been full of these tender mercies and I just haven't recognized them? We came to the conclusion that it's probably true. Our capicity to be able to see the hand of God in our lives has definitely increased. 

so two more totally awesome things that happened..

Yesterday was Stake Conference!!! AND.. as I walked in I saw ISAIAS sitting right at the front waiting for it to start.. so flashback 7 months ago when I was in Hernandarias. Hermana Lopez and I found him and taught him for about a month.. and I had some of the most spiritual lessons with him.. but in the end.. he wouldn't accept a baptismal date because he didn't want to upset his entire family of catholics. But as I went over and talked to him.. he told me that the hermanas started visiting him again.. and he has decided to get baptized!!! YAY!! Like what? We ended up being able to sit by him.. and he just looks so good and happy.

Okay another flash back story.. remember a few weeks ago.. I told you about a guy named Hugo.. who we found on the side of the road? Who was a returned missionary but went inactive? WELL HE WAS AT THE CONFERENCE!!!! We passed his reference to the hermanas in his area.. and they started visiting him.. and now he is totally going to church and active again! He looked like a completely different person!! I am not kidding. I almost didn't recognize him. He had shaved and cut his hair.. and was wearing a white shirt and tie.. and just smiled the entire time!! . After he just shyly and quietly walked up to me and hermana cannon and thanked us. He called us his angels. The spirit was so overwhelming for me. Tears sprang to my eyes. 

In the mission.. you really will never see the full impact of your work.. and of all the people you talk to.. but I felt really blessed and thankful that heavenly father allowed me to see a small part of what I had done. I was so grateful in the moment to have been able to been the tool.. that was in the right place at the right time. 

So so excited for this next transfer. 
I love you all :) 
Hermana Ehlert

one of my FAVE members. she is just so fancy.. and she KNITTED her dress!!! like how cool is that?! I love her.

Members from Hernandarias that hna lopez and I ran into at the conference. happiest day.
Just my favorite brazilian elder.. and also happens to be the tallest in the mission.
blanca. the mom of yesica. with her homemade bread and dulce de leche that she gave us this morning! like what? love her. isn't she darling?!
THIS IS HUGO. The guy that came to the conference! 
Hermana Nilson. Love her LOTS.
some favorite chileans.

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