Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Mi querida familia :)

HEY. Weeks are just flying by I feel like. 

first of all health.. I am really feeling much better. Just a little head cold, but nothing too bad anymore. 
according to other emails from missionaries in South America.. everyone is literally freezing.. and my little part of Paraguay is just as cold. It literally is freezing.. and I stay cold for about 22 hours out of 24 hours. so yeaahh. But we battle through it, and if you walk really fast you get warmer.. so we are getting to appointments even faster :) woo hoo!

We were travelling at the beginning of the week and didn't get back to our area until Wednesday. So basically just the entire week we were just running around like crazy and calling everyone and trying to invite AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to our open house for the new chapel and for the dedication on Sunday

we had an investigator a little while ago named Lisa.. she is awesome.. but really just wasn't ready act and do her part. But we decided after lunch on Thursday to run by her house and atleast give her an invitation. well she wasn't there.. but her brother came out and we gave him the invitation to give to her.. and normally we would have just left.. but both hermana cannon and I kinda lingered and started talking with him. He asked us if we wanted to sit down with him.. so we did. And basically he just told us that he is looking for a church and he feels church is something important, but he just doesn't know where to start. he expressed that he wants to pray and he knows it's a good thing.. but he just doesn't know HOW. The scripture came to mind that people will be looking for the truth but just won't know where to find it? (that's a scripture right? haha) Well.. anyway. I have never felt that so strongly with someone so quickly. Just someone looking and longing for the truth.. but just doesn't know where to find it. He has gone to a few churches.. but he told us he mostly just leaves not feeling satisfied and mostly confused with unanswered questions. He asked us to start teaching him from 0. So we did. We talked about God and prayer. and it was just so simple.. but so powerful. So so powerful. The way he looked at us.. and was listening.. just like he was drinking in every word. It was really cool. He had to work on Sunday.. but he said that he will do everything possible to get it off for the next sunday. So we will see :)

I don't know why.. but I am continually amazed as I am reminded of God's love for his children. time and time again God helps us. by the smallest and simple things.. and if you weren't paying attention.. you would just think it was a coincidence or just luck.. or just completely let it pass you by. 

SO. Saturday we had the open house of the church.. and it was actually really successfull!! We had a few investigators and less actives.. and our members were going out in the streets and surrounding neighborhood to tell everyone about it. It was awesome.. and the chapel.. is stunning. I kid you not. beautiful. Sunday.. ended up being so spiritual and amazing. we had 3 investigators in church.. including our bread making friend Blanca! She came all by herself and she sat right in the front. 
I was playing piano for the meeting.. and so I was sitting in the front.. and was able to see the faces of all those who were sitting in the congregation. the church was literally just on fire.. and we had a grand total of 147 people in the church!!!! And last transfer..the most our attendance was 92!!! woohooo! Right?! It was such a happy day. I really just feel super blessed to be the missionary here at this very time. 

I am working to feel closer to my father in heaven. just FEEL him more. I don't know if that makes sense.. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Happiest wishes to my dear cousin addy who got married!! YAYAY.

until next week!
Hermana Ehlert

the GIANT tree in Encarnacion!

garbage.. people just throw their garbage wherever and then burn it. this pile was waiting to be burned.

the NEW sacrament room. Itsn't it gorgeouS?!

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