Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Wow! What a week it has been. Sometimes the days are slow.. and then all the sudden it's monday again.

This week we were able to do divisions with some hermanas in the zone. And guess what?! I got to be with Hermana Lopez again!! It was so fun to be with her.. and like also totally weird to have her as my comp again! We have both grown and changed so much on our missions.. and it was so cool for me to see how much she has grown and developed since her training. We are both better now.. like I only had 4.5 months when I was with her.. and she was brand new. I think day to day.. it's really hard to see how we have progressed.. and how we have been changed and molded more into how our heavenly father wants us to be. It's hard to see changes and progression in ourselves.. but I was lucky enough to spend the day with hermana Lopez.. and to see a little bit of the amazing missionary she has become!! It was so fun.. and to be with someone who is my height again! We laughed and laughed.. and the day just flew by! 

Ignacio and Leticia continue to progress.. but definitely not at the pace that I would choose for them. But I just have to keep doing my best.. and trusting in the Lord's timing for them. Stay tuned.

This morning I was studying.. and last transfer I started over the book of mormon. Every time I read it.. it is confirmed to me the truth and divinity of that book. But I am in Ether right now.. when the people of Jared have to cross the sea. At this point the brother of jared and his people have already made all of their preperations.. and everything they needed to do.. and they just set off. With no way to stear.. or see.. or anything. Just trusting in the Lord. wow. I was stunned and impressed by their faith. They quickly find out.. that this isn't just a quick voyage where they are able to read a nice book.. and they arrive. It describes the enormous waves that engulfed them.. and the  relentless wind. They were tossed and tumbled and turned for 344 days. It says " And it came to pass that the wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land. And they did sing praises unto the Lord; yea, the brother of Jared did sing praises unto the Lord, and he did thank and praise the Lord all the day long; and when the night came, they did not cease to praise the Lord." I was thinking.. it would have been VERY easy to complain and say "God.. I have done everything that you have asked me to do.. we built and prepared EXACTLY how you told us to.. and this is the WORST most uncomforrtable ride that there ever was." But as I also sat thinking about how I might react and complain.. it occurred to me.. that they NEEDED the wind and waves to be able to MOVE.. to be able to arrive where the Lord wanted them to be. And without the rain and the wind and the waves.. they wouldn't have been able to progress or move at all. And even more impressive.. they didn't just endure these terrible and more than uncomfrotable circumstances.. but they gave thanks to to the Lord all of their days. Even in the midst of their turmiol.. and with the storm raging on outside.. they coudl find peace and happiness.. and I imagine especially comfort as they gave thanks. I loved that. 

It was a pretty normal week here in Minga.  Oh man.. yesterday.. we had a lesson with Lucy.. and we were running behind.. so we were RUNNING home. Like full sprint.. to get home on time.. and we were about 2 blocks from our house.. and BOOM. down I go. Shoot. I quickly gathered myself together.. and quickly do the quick scan to make sure no one was watching. Thankfully there was just an old man in a nearby house that saw.. and he yelled to see if I was okay. haha.. I´m sure I was just the picture of grace. We continued home.. this time not running.. but kind of limping as I left my pride behind. I just rolled by ankle.. and nothing too bad.. just a few scraped knees.. and some hands. but not to worry.. all is well. Benson and I really just need to learn to stay on our feet. yikes. haha.
 But man.. can I just say how much I LOVE this area. It is so great. In the language Guarani.. to say "I love...." You say "Ro Hay Hu".. and I RO HAY HU Minga Guazu.

I love you all!! 
Hermana Ehlert

ps. I really hope that this email makes sense.. because my poor computer is struggling so bad. 

a women from our branch.. Ana de Jesus! 
We went and visited her this week.. and was so happy with our visit.. she ran over to the corner store to by us cookies and pop! I love her. 

leticia and her son!

one of my favorite people here in Minga. Teresa!!! This was us yesterday. She is the newly reactivated member. Basically like my mom here. I love her!

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