Monday, May 23, 2016

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 21! :)

Ah what a happy day today is! :)

okay.. just to start off... EVERYONE CAN STOP GETTING MARRIED FROM NOW UNTIL AUGUST OKAY?! Thank you very much.

okay.. well now that's out of the way.. it's been a great week. 

To be honest though.. towards the beginning it was a little harder. We starting losing investigators.. that started hiding from us.. or not being home.. or losing interest. And I just felt sad. Like MAN.. I feel like I have $100 doller bill to give to someone.. and NO ONE wants it. We have talked to Catholic after Catholic.. and it was just discouraging. Like come on!! I just want someone who wants to listen to me.. and WANTS to accept this message.. and LET it change their lives.. but they don't. And I was just doubting myself.. and my abilities.. and really questioning what I was doing wrong. I'm sure every missionary has passed through this multilpe times in their missions.. but yeah. It happened to me a little this week. So last transfer I started the Book of Mormon again.. and I wanted to finish it last transfer.. but I actually wasn't able to.. BUT.. I am finishing it this transfer.. and this week I found a verse in Moroni 9. And it's an epistle that Mormon writes to his son Moroni. And of course at this time (the very end of the BOM.. everyone is completely wicked..) and it says that the spirit has ceased to strive with them and that they are very hard in their hearts.. and this is what Mormon tells his son.. "notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently". Man.. it just hit me so strong. I could just feel the powerfulness of the supplication of a father to a son.. laboring together in the Lords work. I decided to keep going diligently. I know there are LOTS of catholics here.. but I also know that there are people, quietly hidden among them. that are searching a longing for the truth.. and it's our job to search them out and teach them about the glorious message of the restored church of christ.

Another thing that happened last night. We had recieved a reference from a member.. so we went to find her and contact her yesterday after church. We actually found her in her house.. sitting outside with her mom and little sister. as we started talking to them they told us that about a year ago elders had passed by.. and they started saying how they didn't like the "mormon's" because they have "another bible". Well.. we weren't about the have that.. so we quickly said a prayer with them.. and started explaining really what is the book of mormon. My comp asked them to keep their minds and hearts open.. which I loved.. but sadly the mom and the reference were really not having any of it. The little sister though.. was amazing. And as they fought us.. we firmly but respectfully tesitfied of the divinity of the book. The little sister (eudelia) intently listened. I feel the subtle but sure peace enter into my heart. We realized that nothing good was going to come out of staying there and trying to explain to these women.. so we sang "nearer my god to thee" and left.. leaving the book with the little sister.. and praying that she will read it.

Many times in my mission.. I have questioned.. if this really is all true. Or if what I do and teach every day.. is really true. But then I am forced to go back to the basics. And there are still many many things that I do not know.. and have many questions.. but I do know for sure a few things. I DO know that there is a God. And if such a God really does exist.. which I know he does.. he is our father. And our father loves his children. I know he has a son jesus christ.. who loves us. I know they are perfect and glorified beings. And I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know it is true.. and as it says inthe introduction.. if this book is true.. it means this church is the true church of God here on the earth today. I am so grateful for opportunity that I have to know that. And I love being able to share that with people every day. Because even if they don't listen to me.. it burns a little deeper into my heart every time. 

I still am in LOVE with this area of Minga Guazu. I love it. We have the most amazing members here. I am amazed every day of their goodness.. and humbleness.. and the sacrifices they make to serve the Lord and help in his church.

some funny things. 
yesterday at church.. after sacrament meeting.. me and my comp walked into principles of the gospel. and Lucy.. and the teacher and another member.. started calling me "gordita".. which my direct interpretation is basically "little fatty"... so great that was a great slap in the face. There culture here is totally different and they didn't mean it as an insult.. but I was like totally shocked and confused. The teacher.. who thought I didn't understand.. who is an RM. who learned a little bit of english on his mission then started calling me "CHUBBY". Yeah.. so boom. that was a good reality check. but we all laughed. greeeaaat... 
Umm.. we found out this week that they have now authorized Hermana missionaries to wear PANTS apparently. Like can you believe it?! Hahaha.. I literally can't. like "Hi. We are missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.. and we look like Hilary Clinton". hahaha.. I almost died. But they do have a reason.. it really would lessen the amount of mosquito bites.. and our legs being exposed. But still... really not going to happen for me I don't think. haha.

Also today.. included up until now.. but companion waking me up by singing happy birthday at the top of her lungs.. and the other hermanas in the branch coming over and having crepes with us.. and they brought nutella!.. and after we are going to TGI fridays.. which is the only american restaurant that exists here for lunch. 
AND THEN.. we have interviews with president later tonight.. which are our last ones with him because he is ending his mission. It should be an amazing day.. and I just feel so grateful to be here serving the Lord in Paraguay and with sunshine in my soul.

Because I have been given much I too must give.

I hope you all have the GREATEST week and read the Book of Mormon lots :)
Hermana Ehlert

ps. THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. I feel so loved. :)

video of the week. 
I hope it works.
If not.. search ¨Mens hearts will fail them" by russell m nelson. :)

what I woke up to this morning. with three hoodies on.. and two pairs of sweats..

our crepe setup.

the hermanas that showed up this morning to eat crepes.
some kids of an investigator.. they are my faves.

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