Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

HI fam :)

So.. yes today is not pday. BUT it has been the first time I have been able to write this week.
Pday.. we were just crazy busy.. and some things happened with some other hermanas in the zone.. so we didn't get a chance to write on pday.. and then yesterday.. we passed by the cyber to write and it was CLOSED! So danger.

BUT YAY. I am here now.. so no need to worrryy!!

This week.. the days just all seem to be blending together. But things I do remember..

-Ignacio and Leticia: we were able to have two amazing lessons with them last week. And they truly are progressing. Something amazing that I loved this week that he said.. "before you started coming to our house.. I don't think I really believed in God. And now, for the first time in my life, I am truly started to believe in him.". ah. my heart was just bursting. How amazing it is, that I get the chance to help normal people.. on the earth.. to start believing and coming to know our father in heaven. wow. I just felt so humbe. As I said last week.. baptisms and everything are amazing.. but little moments like that are where I know I am doing my job. helping other come closer to our savior and father in heaven. 
They aren't married.. so that will be the first big obstacle that they need to overcome.. and getting married legally in paraguay is actually quite the process.. and can be really expensive. so we will continue praying for them and working with them. It is amazing to see how the spirit is changing and working with them in their lives.. and in their home. They are different and have more light every time we go  by.

-funny story. So wednesday morning after I showered I decided I needed my hair trimmed.. so I asked my comp.. and although she told me that she has only cut hair twice in her life.. she happily agreed and we both thought it was just a great idea. So forward we went with that.. and long story short.. it ended up being basically terrible. I quickly got over the shock of having a very bad haircut and after a silent prayer to not react TOO bad to not make my companion feel worse than she already did.. we decided it was pretty necessary to go find a hairdresser to fix the problem. We were able to find a VERY nice guy who didn't charge us very much.. and just did a FAB job. His name is Ramon.. and I will definitely be recommending all future hermanas to go see him. needless to say.. my hair is about 5 inches shorter now.. but it is very healthy.. and my comp even got her hair trimmed I think to make me feel better!!!  haha.. it's all funny now.. and really not a giant deal as I thought about it more. :)

-We continue on with peace in our hearts and every day feeling and seeing the hand of the lord in lives and in this work.

if there is anything I know.. I know he loves us. and he is aware of us. is a real being who wants us to be happy and notices us.. even the small things. 

just a shorter one this week.. but I love you all so much. 
It was the happiest thing to see my sweet mom and family. also.. it was the last skype call before I go home. and it all just made it even more real.. when my comp and I recieved our "trunky papers" this pday. so weird.

I love you! 
till next weeeek. :)
Hermana Ehlert

cute kids of investigators
one of my fave members. 
waiting for the bus in a chipa stand

we had our district meeting outside. YAY :)
walking in the mud and rain
lucy and her cute fam that we visited this week

                                         trunky papers. 
definitely mixed feelings.

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