Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

So heeyy fam :)

I hope that you all had the greatest week! 

This week was crazy. I said bye to Hermana Martinez and now she is home! And now I am with Hermana Cannon.. and what a JOY it is. We are both so similar and are just so ready to work and have fun and basically conquer the world. I got back to my area late Wednesday night.. so we were able to start working on Thursday. We have high expectations for this transfer. 

Not too many exciting things happened this week.. but I just feel peace and feel happy. 

A really cool experience that happened this week though. Thursday night we at a branch activity and as we left and were walking to the bus stop (it's actually not a bus stop.. it's a place on the side of the road that you have to wave down the bus and hope that it will stop for you) and we saw the bus that we needed to take passed! They are supposed to pass every 15 minutes but after 6 it's sketchy at best.. and is super unreliable. We were more than 10 km away from our house.. and we needed to be back before 9. We just decided to wait and hope another would pass.. and if it didn't pass in 15 more minutes.. we would just have to take a taxi.. which is way more expensive.. but we wouldn't have a choice. As we got closer to the hour.. I was getting more and more nervous.. and literally as we were about to walk over to a taxi... two ladies came up to us.. and introduced themselves as members.. and they were just from a different ward. It was a daughter and a mom.. and they offerred to drive us home! So we happily accepted and got in their VERY nice car and we zipped off towards our house. They ended up just being the nicest people ever and actually gave us a referral!! It was so awesome.. and just another small miracle that shows me how aware our heavenly father is of us. Hermana Cannon and I entered our apartment literally not a minute too late.. and offerred a prayer of gratitude. 

I am so grateful of how aware my heavenly father is of two of his missionaries in the middle of paraguay. Little things like this just happen over and over again. 

Lucy is just fabulous and happy and amazing as ever. We had a charla with her before church.. and she basically just taught US. I love her. She is amazing and is now inviting all the rest of her siblings to church. 

Well... sorry. kind of boring this week.

I love you alllll. 

Hermana Ehlert

A bridge is Posadas that I just adore

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