Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 9, 2016

so it has been a pretty uneventful week. 

My companion had dengue.. so she literally slept about 20 hours a day for 5 days straight. seriously. she would get up to pee and drink a little water as she took her pill every 6 hours.. and then she would be back in bed. 
which left me to do a lot of walking around the pension and singing hymns to myself.. drawing.. reading.. thinking and thinking and thinking. to be honest.. it was kind of a hard week.  when I am constantly absorbed in the work and having spiritual experiences and visiting people.. its very easy to get lost in the work and not think so much about home... but when I was just in the pension and had the ENTIRE week to just sit and think and be by myself.. it was hard.  and then it also made me really anxious because we werent visiting our investigators.. and that is really hard. when you stop having contact with investigators for even a few days.. things start slowing down in their progression. I was worrying about that as well. so yeah.. it was kind of hard.. and I was SO anxious to start visiting people again. 

So saturday night.. we were able to go out for one hour and visit lorena and invite her to church... it about took everything out of my poor companion. she was a trooper though.. and had a great attitude. she doesnt have a fever anymore.. she is just super super tired still. 

then sunday came around.. and we got up and went to church. I was so happy to see the members. I havent realized until this sunday how much I truly love these members here.. I love them so much.. and am truly so grateful for them. They are like my family here. especially the branch presidents wife andrea. I LOVE her. she is the GREATEST. 

Anyways.. something really funny that happened during church..during the second hour.. we teach the youth in sunday school.. and we were in the class room.. and all the sudden we hear all of this commotion outside and so we open the door and the whole church was full of this terrible smell and smoke!!! so apparently the new air conditioning unit had caught fire because it was poorly installed. and the roof of the church is totally wood... so president is filling up buckets of water and throwing it on it...and one of the members went to the car to get a fire extuingisher... wow I dont know how to spell that... and everyone is just freaking out. well.. they got the fire out and everything under control... but the members were just so ruffled. i mean.. I love these members with my whole heart.. but to say that they are dramatic is an understatement. so we our branch president decided that we would end church then. it really did smell very bad in the tiny church.. so we said a prayer.. and ended. 
my comp went home and ended up sleeping the entire day. poor thing.  BUT.. this week she is feeling good and has energy and we are READY TO WORK. which is great. I am so excited to get back into the groove and routine of things. 

Something I learned in my studies this week: God exists and we exist and are here to have JOY. that is why god exists. president has said that a few times.. but it really hit me this week as I studied and read about the atonement and about christ and about the plan of salvation... this life is short.. so we might as well have JOY. 
it really hit me this week.. and I am trying to find joy in every day.. even in hard things. 
So I hope you all have the JOY filled week. 

I love my savior. I am so grateful for him. and his sacrifice and love for me. 

Because I have been given much, I too must give. 


me and my cutie companion.. in front of a recycled bottle christmas tree that they still havent taken down in the plaza. 

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