Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I hope you all had the happiest valentines day!!! I LOVE this holiday... because there is just so many things I LOVE in this world. I was grateful to be here on the mission.. doing something I truly LOVE.. and serving people I love as well. 

It was such a happy one! We worked all week without problems!! YAY. update on my sicky comp. She is doing MUCH better. Sometimes she just gets tired quickly.. so sometimes we take breaks walking around.. but it was SO good to get out and walk around and visit people again.. and feel the incredible spirit of doing missionary work again. 
Update on a few people... so Shayel... we actually found out its spelt Yael... but it´s pronounced how I wrote it before. haha... she is just simply amazing. 
We were able to visit her twice this week actually. It had been more than a week since we were able to visit her.. so I was kind of expecting to have to restart and repass on a few things. But we got there.. and she immediately told us to come in and we sat down.. and she said ¨well.. I´ve been reading the book of mormon...¨and then continued to summarize everything happens in the entire first book of nephi. I almost died. She was in 2 nefi chapter 9!!!! I was literally so cool. We ended up talking about Lehi´s dream.. and we talked about how its not always easy to keep going.. and people are going to laugh and make fun of us for our faith in God and doing something that truly brings us real happiness. I felt I needed to talk about the power of prayer in my life.. and the help it has been to me. I told her when she feels alone.. and that when the world is against her she can always pray.. and know that she really is never alone. at this point.. we both had tears in our eyes. The spirit was SO strong. She ended up opening up to us after that and just telling us that a week before she talked to us on the street.. her husband and he were at the point of splitting up. She told us that 4 days before she met us.. she kneeled down and tried talking to God for the first time she could remember since she was a little girl. She didnt want her family to be destroyed.. and she didnt have any other option. Then a few days later.. she found us on the street.. and she felt we could have been an answer to her prayer. She told me that she felt very close to me from the beginning and that I was sister to her. Since the first time that we passed to visit her.. she knows that this is the path that God wanted to show her. But the thing is... her husband and all of her family and friends and his family.. are making a joke out of her faith. and asking her about what she is doing. She said it´s really hard.. and that she only reads the book of mormon and only wants us to come by when he isnt there. It was really sad. My heart broke for her. She is so amazing. She accepted the date to be baptized the 19 of March... but is very hesitant that she wont be ready or accepted by anyone in her family... and apparently things have just started to get a little better with her husband and so she doesn´t want to go and ruin and make things bad again.. but she feels in her heart that it´s true. WOW. Isn´t she just amazing?! Her 3 little boys are the light of her life.. and she just lvoes them so much. We were also able to visit her one other time after that and truly teach her about the gospel of jesus christ.. about faith, repentence, and baptism, and enduring to the end. she is amazing. Definitely some of the top most spiritual experiences that I have had on my mission. 

Lorena and Cristian... they are amazing as well. WE FINALLY commited Cristian to come to church.. and we truly thought he would come.. and then we get up sunday morning and it was POURING RAIN. Dangit. so they didnt end up coming. It´s hard for people to leave their houses when it rains so hard. 

BUT.. we did have one investigator come to church.. named Ivan. We met him this week.. single.. older guy. Lived in Barcelona and Buenos Aires for most of his life. he is very interesting... like he started crying when he told us that his dream was to be able to go to the states to watch NASCAR. I was too shocked to laugh in the moment... I´m totally smiling about it now. hahha. it was funny. But he is very passionate and kind hearted.. and we think he could be a great strength to the branch here. So we will see what happens with him. 

This is just so long.. 
Working with Hna Fox is a delight. We are really similar. She works hard.. and we have the goal to make this the best part of both of our missions so far. 

MAN.. I am just feeling SO grateful to be a missionary. I really felt the weight and the importance of the calling and the message that I am bringing to people this week. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father to be able to be a representative of His son Jesus christ to help minister to his children.

Umm.. we killed lots of cockroaches this week. LIKE LOTS. I saw a real live turantula.. wow dont know how to spell that... this week walking on the road. it was so impressive. 

Because I have been given much, I too must give. 
Hermana Ehlert

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