Monday, September 28, 2015

Then there were 3!

So HI everyone :)

Wow what a week!

My fingers are flying.

1. I got a bug in my foot this week. 
2. My new companion is from the States! 
3.... awkward. I can't think of anything else.

1. TRUE. are you kidding me? Yeah it's true. I will spare you the long story.. but long story short.. there was a tiny little bug in my toe. it was black. I was travelling because I had pick up my new companion.. so I was with another hermana named Hermana Bernal. We disinfected a needle and some tweezers and she just started digging at it to get it out. turns out there were EGGS too. yeah. it's real. I was dying. I wanted to cut my toe off. we ended up calling the mission nurse and she told me to go to the hospital to get it all taken care of. So we went to the hospital and they did some more digging around and disinfecting ad got it all taken care of. It wasn't a big deal.. but yeah. SICK RIGHT? It was infected too.. so I'm taking an antibiotic for that. but it's healing good now.. and I don't have any more pain. haha. 

2. False. My new comp is from Peru! I don't have any pictures with her yet.. sorry. But she is great. Her name is Hermana Palomares. And you guys.. she has the craziest life. I can't believe it. It's very sad actually. Her mom died when she was 14 from an accident.. And then she joined the church 4 months later. So she is a convert. She is the only member in her entire family!! Her dad works a TON.. and she takes care of her little brother. He is 12.. and basically she is his mom. She raised him. he was 6 when her mom died.. so she was the mom and woman of the house. She doesn't have the support of her dad or any of her family for serving a mission. She doesn't recieve any emails or anything. She recieved one from president and one from her friend from the MTC. that's it. I could't believe it. so sad. please pray for her.. she is having a hard time and missig her home. but has a super strong testimony. she is a great teacher. I love her lots.
Umm.. so a trio is weird. but we are adjusting. I know this is where I'm supposed to be. We are TRYING to do everything we can to work better with the branch ad with members.. and find new investigators. We are working hard.
PS.. this keyboard is terrible. paraguay probs. The "n".. doesn't really work. You have to press it like 10 times to work. dangit.
We didn't get back to our area until thursday night late.. so we only worked friday and saturday and sunday. and we haven't had tons of luck. The only thing is Isaias... he is progressing lots. I love him. His prayers are SO sincere.. and he truly is looking for the truth. he is reading and understadig the book of mormon more and more. He will not come to church for the life of him.. so we are working on that.. but yeah.
Speaking of.. general conferece this week! YAY. I'm so excited. Hopefully I'll be able to liste to it in English. Can you believe that the last general conference I was in the MTC? So crazy. I'm so excited though!! I hope you all prepare this week and are able to get what you need from it.

I love you. I pray for you all. by name. I miss you terribly. 
Hermana Ehlert

This is during tranfers with me and Hermana Lopez and Elder Salazar from Chile. He is such a great missionary in my zone!!
My beautiful area 

The second one is with a family that is less active. we are reactivating them. Remember when I told the story of the lady Mirta that started crying in the middle of her prayer when we taught repentence? That is her. I love them with all my heart. 

The third one is Hermana Lopez and I trying to be artsy. Isnt my area beautiful? I'm so lucky!

This is us three. the day we picked her up. Aren't my companions darling? I love them lots. 

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