Monday, September 28, 2015

Expect the Unexpected...transfers!


Two truths and a lie.. 
1. I was sick for most of the week. 
2. Charles (the mouse) is still alive and active
3. Hermana Lopez is still my companion

AH. What a week it has been... 
1. True. Unfortunately.. it was kind of a rough week health wise. Monday night I was up all night super sick. Everything was coming up.. sorry tmi? So Tuesday I just drank sips of gatorade and rested.. but my body would not have it. It didn´t want ANYTHING inside it. It was horrible actually. I didn´t have an appetite until friday.. so basically i just slept and hung out. yuck. We went out a few hours during the evening most of the days.. but I was just too exhausted and nauseous to do much. I felt bad for Hermana Lopez.. and I was worried about our investigators!! But Friday I was able to eat some rice and an apple and I didn´t throw up.. and then Saturday I was able to eat pretty normally. I´m feeling MUCH better now. I don´t know what it was.. I think I ate some bad chicken or something. But yeah. It was kind of a bummer.. and we weren´t able to get a lot of work done. But Friday and especially Saturday we pounded hard to try and make up for the lost week and go and invite everyone to church. 

2. TRUE. Can you believe it? It´s terrible. So we bought mouse poisening supposedly. It looks kind of like rice but it´s red. We didn´t want to buy a mouse trap because we didn´t want to have to deal with a bloody dead mouse. So. Anyways.. we put this poisened rice stuff all over the pension and then in the morning.. ALL of it was GONE. Not one piece left.. So we thought it was a great sign.. and waited for a dead, poisened mouse to show up. but to no avail. This week we have put out mouse poisening every night.. and every morning it is gone. So.. either charles has some friends and cousins and brothers.. or we have a super strong rat that is immune to our poisened rice stuff.. great. It´s awful. At night we can hear his moving around and stuff. YUCK RIGHT? Missions in Paraguay are fun. hahaha. I´ll keep you updated on our little rodent friend. 

3. TRUE... kind of. OKAY. SO shocker of the week. As you know.. we just finished the last week of transfers. Officially I have been with Hermana Lopez in Hernandarias for 6 weeks. I was going into this transfer super chill.. I didn´t think there would be transfers.. like no way right? Hermana Lopez still needs to finish her training.. and I didn´t think he would move either of us after the white wash.. well. It´s true... neither of us are moving.. BUT... we are getting ANOTHER COMPANION. A third.. and she is NEW. So.. I am going to be training Hermana Lopez.. who is halfway through her training right now.. and then training another who is brand new. I don´t know her yet.. but I do know that she is Latina as well. So yeah. We are going to be 3. It is going to be an adventure for sure. holy moly. Can you believe it? Yeah.. I couldn´t either. Also.. I found out that I will also be an Hermana Leader.. that means that I am over the other hermanas in my zone.. and I will be doing divisions with them and stuff. I´m excited!! It should be a fun time. So yeah.. totally unexpected right? like woah. Right now we travelled all night.. and are in a city called Encarnacion.. right by the boarder of Argentina. Wednesday we will cross over and get our new companion and then return to our area Thursday!

Something I´ve learned on the mission.. the Lord likes to put me in positions that are WAY out of my comfort zone. I know that the second I get comfortable.. something is going to change. "There is little growth in your comfort zone, and there is little comfort in your growth zone". It´s a cheesy little saying.. but it rings true to me. The Lord has different things in mind for me than what I had in mind. I just have to trust Him.. and as his disciple.. and especially as his missionary.. I have to trust that he know´s what is best.

Umm.. this week was REALLY hot. It´s starting to get hot here.. like super hot. like "wow I´m going to die my melting.. hot"... but not to complain.. haha. Everyone keeps telling us that we are just in spring. yay. hahha.. but really. I was really grateful for our AC this week when I was in bed most of the week. the humidity is crazy too. It bothers my companion more than me though.. which was surprising because she is from here. 

I was also able to do a quite a bit of reading and studying.. when I wasn´t sleeping I was reading.  I´m studying and trying to figure out what an investigator needs to feel and experience to be converted.. and my role in that.. and how I can help them feel the spirit and power of conversion. I´m learning lots. 

So I told you that we went out and worked Saturday. The week was really hard and made me REALLY miss home. Being sick sucks.. but being sick when you are in Paraguay and all you want is your mom.. sucks more. So when I finally had enough strength to go out and work.. it was amazing. I had a whole new appreciation for what I am doing as a missionary. I just felt so much peace and the spirit so strongly as we went from house to house and talked to people on the streets about what we were sharing. It was like a calmness.. but also I had a drive inside me that I haven´t had a ton of this transfer. I don´t quite know how to explain it.. but I just am SO excited about the work right now. I know there is lots to be done.. it is very clear and visible in the rama here.. but this transfer I´m so SO excited to start getting work done. I can´t wait. It should be good.. and weird with three people.. but I´m sure we will figure out our rythm and groove. 

We have some really cool investigators too.. but this letter is already real long. Remember Isaias? He is truly searching. and pleading and praying to find an answer.. and it´s cool to see a change and growth in him. He finally opened up to us this week a little bit more. He is VERY shy. But this week he told us that a part of him thinks that our church could be true.. but basically he is just comfortable in la iglesia catolica.. and his whole family is members.. and yeah. He STILL won´t come to church.. so we are working on that with him. But his prayers at the end of lessons are my favorite part. I have never heard someone pray some humbly and fervently. I love listening to them. He is growing lots. Our goal is to baptize him this transfer. 

Anyways.. another week gone and passed. I can´t believe it´s almost October!! And THEN general conference so soon too! Crazy. 
I love you all. I pray for you all. 

Hermana Ehlert :)

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