Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 7, 2015


1. members here have and use functioning wells... like to draw water from the earth
2. we taught a lesson with the elders this week.. 4 missionaries. 
3. we were on a bus that was the fullest of my life.. and my hymn book got stollen out of my backpack.
hahaha. how fun. 

1. true. totally true. hahahah. i laughed and laughed. there is a least 4 families here that are members that TOTALLY have wells. that old fashion wells.. where you lower a bucket with a rope.. and pull it up and its full of water! HA! Isnt that awesome? I'm going to try and take a picture. 

2. true. we totally taught a lesson this week with our district leader and his companion. So this is what happened.. I think last week I told you that the boyfriend of one of the members decided that he wants to get baptized and that we started teaching him? Well.. his name is marcelo.. and we started teaching him.. and he's AWESOME. But we found out this week that he actually doesnt live in our boundaries.. and actually lives in the Elders area.. so we had a lesson with him.. and the elders bishop and the elders.. to kind of "transfer" him over to them. it was fun. but also REALLY weird to teach with 3 other missionaries. but a adventure at the same time. I was bummed at first that we wouldnt be able to continue teaching him.. but he is progressing really well.. and he is going to get baptized regardless.. and that is what matters. he is understanding.. and his questions make it seem like he is truly INVESTIGATING and coming to know these truths for himself. its a really cool process. the elders will be really great for him. We will for sure go to his baptism though. He's great. I'm so happy and excited for him.

3. false. kind of. so background story. we had a multi-zona conferencia this week. with another zone in the mission.. and presidente and hermana lapierre came! It was so fun!! We learned lots.. and it was so great to see president! But.. yeah. to get to the conference.. we had to take a bus to centro.. and everytime I get on the buses in paraguay.. they never cease to amaze me. every time I get on one.. they seem to fit more and more people. They dont really have bus stops here either.. you just wait on the side of the road.. and flag one down.. and the one we got.. was SO full.. like there are two stepsto get onto the bus you know? Yeah.. hermana lopez and I were STANDING on those steps.. and then a guy gets on behind us and holds on to two bars on either side of the door and whistles and the bus driver goes... does that make sense? It is crazy. SOOO FULL. But the false part is.. my hymn book didnt get stolen.. hahah. 

Um.. what else this week? Oh.. Eli.. remember her? How I didnt think that she was married... well we asked her.. and she said "yes.. but only civily".. which meas legally. She is married legally but just never got married in a church! ISNT THAT AWESOME! She is learning and progressing quickly! Goodness I love her so much. The church building is about a 35 minute walk from her house.. and we focused this whole week on committing her to come to church..and she said she was going to come! and then sunday came.. and she didnt come. so that was kind of sad.. I was bummed. we will visit her tomorrow and see what happened. 
But we did have about 4 less actives at church. it was fast and testimony meeting.. my favorite sunday. I love hearing the testimonies of the members here. it was a spiritual day for sure. 
What other fun stuff.. umm. next week we are having branch conference. so our Branch president wants a choir.. and I am playing the piano for them. and yeah shoot.... paraguayans just cant sing for the life of them. I literally had to muster every ounce of my self control to not laugh when I was playing. there is 4 members and my companion that are singing.. and it is so funny. they are singing something really simple too.. come come ye saints. 

haha.. my companion and I laughed and laughed about it. they are so sweet. bless their hearts.. ahahahha. 
ayways. I love you all! I'm workig as hard as I can! 

I hope you have a great week. get on your knees and pray and talk with your heavenly father this week. This week.. I felt his strength. Saturday was hard in the morning.. but after studies and just kneeled next to my bed and prayed as fervently as I could for help and strength.. and that day turned out great. 

I love you all! 
xoxoxox from Paraguay!
Hermana Ehlert

1. we got rained on HARD this week. SO HARD. we got home soaking wet. you cant really tell in the pictures.. but SOAKING.

2. waiting for the bus selfies are fun. 

3. playing sports on PDAY last week. so fun., 

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