Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well hi family :)

1. There is a mouse in our pension
2. I sang in our branch choir for branch conference. 
3. I ate chicken heart this week. 

1. TOTALLY TRUE. Can you believe it?! We named Him charles. He has made 2 appearances this week... and BOTH involved screaming and standing on chairs with brooms in hand. hahah.. it was fun. I'm literally afraid to sleep. And we don't have beds in our pension. we only have mattresses that are on the ground... so I literally can't sleep. It's fun. We bought mouse poisening today.. and hopefully he dies soon. wow.. morbid. but true. haha.. so fun. Only in paraguay. 

2. false. I didn't sing. Hermana Lopez did.. and I played piano. It was seriously great. hahah... I had to hold my laughter. They are think they can sing.. and just belt it out without embarrassment. It's awesome. I'm so grateful that I can play piano. It has helped this little branch. I love being able to offer that little service. 

3. false... haha. I totally didn't eat chicken heart. I had it offered to me.. but definitely didn't. yuck. are you kidding? So sick. 

What else.. this week was great. lots of work here. We are trying hard to reach our goals that we put with faith. 
Our district leaders had a baptism on saturday and we were able to bring one of our investigators.. Isaias. He loved it!! But didn't come to church the next day.. ugh. That is probably the hardest thing for us. Getting people to come to church. 

Enrique.. the catholic priest.. he has decided to start running away from us and avoiding us. It's also really sad. Because he has so much potential! We are still praying for him.

This week we were teaching a less active about repentence. I have been thinking and studying a LOT about repentence. A few weeks ago when we had our conference with presidente, he said that everything we teach i just knowledge, and is great and true and wonderful.. but basically means nothing unless the people that we are teaching ACT. and DO something with what we are teaching. Everything we teach leads to one importanct action.. and that is repentence. So we were teaching her repentence. And I could tell that she was having a hard time. The spirit was strong and powerful. It was a special lesson. I asked her to say the closing prayer.. and in the middle of it.. she paused.. and then burst into tears. like sobbing. She prayed fervently and sincerely to be forgiven. We encouraged her after her prayer to continue praying and trying to better her life and put her life back in harmony with God's will. We promised her blessings. What a blessing it is to be able to repent and to be able to turn and put our lives back in harmony with God's will again and again. I have been studying so much about enduring to the end, and repenting.. and I wish I could express to you all how much I'm learning. I'm so grateful to be a missionary this week. 

I love you all so much!! 

We keep hearing again and again how awesome the branch that I'm in USED to be. And how many members USED to come.. and all the activities and fun things and how strong it USED to be. And it's sad to see that it's kinda dead right now.. it's sad. I feel a burden on me to try and strengthen this branch. They need life again.. and hermana Lopez and I are working hard and seeking the help of God to help the members here, and to know how to excite them about the work. 

I love you all. I love this work! I sure am going to miss Paraguay one day when I have to leave. It's so great here. I wish you could all be here with me. 

Hermana Ehlert

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