Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 31, 2015

So this week...
1. I saw a cat get hit by a car
2. I got LICE
3. We are going to have some baptisms coming up real soon!
1.. yes. its true. and I NEVER never want to see or witness anything like it again. it was horrifying. super super sad. scarred. 

2. false. didnt get lice. haha.. but there are some hermanas that have been getting it in the mission. so yeah.. SICK. RIGHT? LIKE SICK. So Im definitely on the look out for that. 

3. YES! True! We have seen some miracles here. Sometimes its hard not to get disouraged when I see how much still needs to be done in this area.. but God works little by little.. miracle by miracle. 
Last week we were looking for a few menos activos.. and a member told us more or less where they lived. we were in that neighborhood.. and we saw some ladies sitting out drinking terere.. (mate.. but with ice water).. and we decided to talk to them. Two of them were the less actives we were looking for!! And the other-- Eli.. is their neighbor. we talked about the book of mormon.. and gave them each one.. and then left. this week we passed by again.. and the two less actives werent there.. but eli was! And she had read the WHOLE introduction.. and the testimonies of the witnesses and the testimony of Joseph smith.. and started reading the dictionary in the back!! I was dying. She told us that she felts something different with us the last time.. and that she was hoping that we would pass by her house again! SO COOL. We taught her the restoration.. and invited her to get baptized.. she said "yes! I truly believe that what you are telling me is true. but I should probably go to your church first or something right?" ... ahahah we totally laughed. we told her everything that would have to happen before her baptism. she prayed at the end of the lesson with us too. it was so cool. one of the coolest lessons we"ve had so far. She is living with someone.. and we dont know yet if they are married. she is 23.. so Im thinking probably not.. but she also told us that he is interested and the next time we pass we are going to talk to them both. so im WAY excited about that. we"ll have to see if they are married.. could be a problem.. but we have hope! 
Also.. catholic priest guy.. enrique. we passed by him again.. and read from the bible and the book of mormon about the apostasy and taught him about the book of mormon.. and invited him to know for himself if it is true. he was even more interested and receptive than the last time! Which was so cool! We also invited him to be baptized.. but he told us that was already baptized in the catholic church.. dangit. I hate that answer. we talked a little bit about the authority.. and the way that christ was baptized.. and he said he would pray about it. the problem with him is.. is that he only wants us to come by his house once a week.. and thats really hard for us.. because its hard to get someone progressing when we only meet with them once a week. but yeah.. we will go visit him tomorrow and see what happens. 

Also.. a member is dating a guy.. and they have been dating for almost 2 years now. hes not a member. but recently.. he just decided that he wants to talk to the missionaries. we talked to him.. and hes going to get baptized september 19! SO THATS SO EXCITING TOO. 

So something weird happened this week.. we were street contacting.. and we saw a lady sitting outside of her house. we decided to talk to her. she immediately told us that she wanted nothing to do with us because she was athiest. man.. it made me think.. super super sad. Ive been thinking about it so much. How sad of a life it would be to not believe or think there is a god.. or there is more than this life.. then just to live and then die. so sad. 
So this week I studied the Plan of Salvation a lot and god. I found a quote that I love a lot. ".. God our Father is not a feeling or an idea or a force. He is a holy person who, as the scriptures teach, has a face and hands and a glorious inmortal body. He is real. He knows each of us individually, and He loves us, every one".. from conference Nov 2011.. i think. 

I love that. I felt really humbled walking away from that poor lady. How sad of a life it would be. and then I felt SO grateful to be working in the very work that God himself has worried about and is worrying about this very day since the beginning of time. 

I felt his love for that lady.. and for me in that moment. I love my father in heaven. I know he is real. exists. and listens to us. He is all powerful and perfect.. yet he listens and loves us perfectly. he is there. I know it. I love him.. and I am lucky to be in his service.
I love you all! And I hope you all have an amazing week! 
Hermana Ehlert

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