Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie!
1. It rained all week 
2. Liz.. an investigator and sister of a member.. told us that she wants to get baptized this week
3. It was definitely one of the harder weeks on my mission so far.
The lie.. it was actually sunny and quite warm all week! So that was a nice change. It didn't rain once. It does get really chilly once the sun goes down.. but during the day.. it's actually really nice. 
LIZ! So Liz.. we have been officially teaching her for a little under a month now. She lives with her aunt and uncle and cousins that are all members.. and her sister also got baptized a year ago. They all live together.. and Liz moved to live with them just over a month ago. So two weeks ago we invited her to get baptized.. and she flat out told us no. It was kind of sad at first.. but I felt peace about it. I knew that one day she would get baptized and we just had to keep teaching her with love and keep inviting her and bearing testimony that it was the right thing to do. We weren't able to pass by her very much the days following.. but we saw her at church two weeks ago.. and she just seemed to be glowing. I was kind of surprised.. but she told us that she is learning lots and liking it. Then this week.. 10 days after we initially invited her.. we were sitting at her kitchen table.. and their were chickens and dogs walking around us.. and she said.. "Hermana's.. I've been thinking. And I want to get baptized. I prayed like you told me I should.. and I feel like it's the right thing to do". IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER. Honestly. I was so happy. and SHE was so happy. We were the first ones she told. She hadn't told her aunt or sister or anything. We encouraged her to talk to them about it that night. The next day we passed and talked about her getting baptized August 8th. She was a little hesitant.. but said she would pray about it. She has already been baptized in another church.. and it kind of hesitant to do it so quickly. But she is VERY smart.. and has such a good understanding of the things we teach her. 

Some things have happened since with her family.. and there are complications. She is 17.. and I will spare you the details before this gets too long.. but needless to say.. Satan is just working very hard to do everything that he can to stop her.. or delay her por lo menos. It's annoying. But we are praying for a miracle.. and working hard with her. SO YEAH. That happened this week. It was awesome. She also told us yesterday that one day she is going to be a missionary! It has been the COOLEST thing to see the change in her. It's completely and 100 percent the spirit. It's amazing. I love this work. Wow. 

Umm. yeah. other than that.. it was actually a hard week for me. We are still struggling to find people that will progress. We are trying our absolute best to go and teach and find by the spirit. we are working on being more obedient.. but the Lord has his own plan for us and his children.. and this week not much happened. We walked and talked to I feel like the entire paloma. We had long days. I'm trying my absolute best to be the missionary the Lord need's me to be.. and to not give up.. and keep holding on and not get discouraged.. but this week it was rather tough. I'm going into this week full of faith though.. and trying to know my Savior more. Be more converted to him and this work.. and his gospel. I'm trying. Sometimes I really feel not good enough.. but I'm trying. yeah. Boom. 

Umm.. what else! hahaha.. another funny little story. this week we were contacting like crazy. trying to think of new ways to contact and get people to listen to our message. we clapped one door.. and we started talking to this girl.. maybe about 26. She was cool.. and told us she was catholic.. *surprise!*.. not really. EVERYONE here is catholic basically. haha.. anyways. I asked her if we could share something with her that would help her and her family and that was really important. She said yes.. the first person to say yes to us that day! So we sat down.. and started talking. After talking for a while.. we found out that she had talked to missionaries before.. and she actually knew quite a bit about our church. After talking a little bit more.. it turns out that she was BAPTIZED 4 years ago. hahah.. it's always so funny.. when we randomly contact a house.. and they turn out to be members. It was a small miracle.. but I thanked Heavenly Father for the opportunity we had to find her. Her name is Eva. She is darling. We are going to try and start working with her more this week! I love how I have the opportunity to go out and not only bring more sheep to the fold.. but find and seek out the lost ones. To represent my Savior and bring the glad message to them that it isnt every too late.. and that he is waiting with arms open to bless and welcome them back at all times. What an amazing opportunity that is for me. I am excited to see how her story unfolds.. and to see what God's plan is for her. 

Well! I think that's it for this week. I love you all SO much. You are all in my prayers. Thank you for YOUR prayers. I really do feel them. When I'm down.. I think of all you at home praying for me.. and it truly does help me out! I love you! 

Also.. this week.. I completed 5 months! How crazy is that?! It has been the fastest and and longest five months of my life! 

xoxo from Paraguay 
Hermana Ehlert

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