Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Comp! Hermana Finlinson

Another week! Days are long.. but the weeks are fast. It's so weird. 
First off - HAPPY fourth of July! It was awesome to be with my another American for Fourth of July! We wore red, white, and blue, and ate a brownies that we made to celebrate. It was a fun time. We kept randomly saying throughout the day.. "Happy birthday America!"There was a soccer game that night.. and Paraguay won.. and so people were setting off fireworks.. we pretended they were for us. It was great. :) I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and watched some amazing fireworks. It's for sure my favorite holiday. YAY! 
UM so yes! I have a new comp! Hermana Finlinson! She is from Utah and has one year on the mission! Basically this week summed up in two words is COLD and portuguese. Yes.. it was a freezing week. I went to pick her up and it was pouring POURING rain. And it was cold all week. Humid cold is definitely different than any kind of cold that I have ever felt. But we are working hard anyways! So yeah.. in my area.. there is a TON of Brazillians.. and there are many MANY people who speak Portuguese. And the last two tranfers.. I just kind of let Hermana Olvera take over when they were speaking Portuguese.. but now.. me and my companion are kind of dying.. because neither of us speak it (I'm still trying to keep up with Spanish).. and we defintiely dont understand. It's a struggle. We're just going to have to have a lot more faith and learn to rely on the Spirit more than ever. And now that I'm writing that down.. I think that's exactly what the Lord wants us to learn together. We need to just trust in him. And work our hardest. 
Okay.. BEST PART OF THE WEEK! Remember Dani and Tanya?! Well this week we were able to pass with two members.. and Dani came to church this week! WE had two investigators at church and FOUR Less actives! It was seriously awesome! Tanya didn't come.. so I'm going to be praying like crazy for her this week.. and hopefully she can come next week. We will be working hard with her this week!! I hope she is able to over come her fears and not feel nervous or embarrassed. I love them SO much!! 
We are working hard here in La Paloma. I'm trying my hardest to be more converted to the Lord and this week and this gospel every day! 
I hope you all had the best week! I'm sorry that I can't send pictures! I'm just too nervous to plug my camera into one of the computers here! none of them are secure.. and I've heard too  many horror stories about missionaries losing all of their pictures because of a virus or something like that when they plug it into a computer here! I'm going to try and send some soon though! 
I love you all SO MUCH! 
Remember.. if your heart hurts.. your knees should too! Prayer is such a good thing!

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