Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another week and a day late!

Hola mi familia! 

I'm sorry I'm a day late! I was travelling yesterday. We had to go to Asuncion to do paperwork to stay legal. So yesterday.. I was on a bus for 8 hours to get there.. for 3 hours we were there.. and then we got back on the bus for another 8 hours. So I was on a bus for 16 hours yesterday in total. It was a lot. But anyways. 
It was such a good week! my companion and I are workng good together! I love her! 
I don't have much time... but we have been praying like crazy to find new and prepared people to teach.. and this week we found many!! It was awesome. We saw some amazing miracles too. I felt so lucky this week to be a missionary. I LOVED being a missionary this week. Everything about it. Even though it rained most of the week.. i just felt seriously so happy and lucky to have this opportunity to represent my savior and to bring the spirit into people's lives and watch them change. I love this work and this people! I';m so happy! 


I love you all! Next week I will write more! 

I love you! 

me and my new companion... excuse my chubby face. It was freezing that day.. even though it doesn't look like it! 

me in front of the temple in Asuncion! SO fun! and freezing. 

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