Monday, May 18, 2015

Feliz Dia De Madre

First off.. Happiest of mothers days to all of those moms.. or future moms out there. Thank you to all of those mothers and mother figures in my life. You are all an incredible example to me.. and your strength and example strengthens and lifts me! THANK YOU.
Hmm.. this week. It was a crazy one. I also think throughout the week of things that I want to tell you all.. and then the second when I sit down at the computer.. I can't think of a thing.
We tried really REALLY hard to find and teach prepared people this week. We want to have a baptism and soon.. so we are working hard and being obedient as we can be. We found a girl.. she's 16.. and honestly super super awesome. We asked her to be baptized, and she said yes!! It was awesome. But the thing is.. she works every Sunday.. and is also living with her boyfriend and isn't married. So we are definitely going to have to help her work through some things.. but we're going to keep up the faith.
The language.. ah.. I'm sorry I'm talking about it again.. but it's still a struggle. I CANT WAIT for the day when I will be able to express myself how I want. Goodness. There are days when I don't even hear a word of Spanish.. we teach SO many Brazillians.. which means Portuguese. Haha.. it's an adventure.
We laughed a lot this week.
Oh.. another thing that happened.. I think I told you all about a girl named Carol.. we contacted her late one night on our way back home. But anyways.. she was awesome. We had a few SUPER spiritual lessons with her and I know she felt it.. but this week she told us that she didn't want us to keep coming back. She is having a really hard time with the Book of the Mormon.. and believing that we can have another book apart from the Bible.So we asked her to read one more chapter.. and pray sincerely.. just one more time.. and she said she would. We haven't been able to contact or see her since then.. so hopefully she is okay.
I'm still learning and growing.. and learning to love this work. It is so hard... but the work of the salvation of souls has never.. and never will be easy. I'm working this week on seeking the Lord's approval in my life. Really trying to align my will and actions to his will.
I'm so grateful for this gospel. It rained and rained yesterday.. so not many people to church. I gave the Sunday School lesson. It was fun.. hahha. The people here are patient and loving with me. We made brownies for everyone that came to church.. which was a total of 14. It was awesome though.. because as the Lord promises.. he was with us and his spirit was real and strong.
Also.. ate some fun things this week.. including chicken feet pasta. It's always an adventure for sure.
I love you ALL. Thank you for your letters, thoughts, and prayers. Is there anything that I can do better or include more in my letters home?
Hermana Ehlert

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