Friday, May 29, 2015

Another weekly email...because I can't think of captions! :)

AH! Hola mi FAMILIA! 

It's been another great week! Ah.. first off.. THANK YOU for all of the birthday wishes! It was a fun day! So.. this week.. every day at the end of the day I would write something down that I wanted to tell you on a sticky note! Perfect idea right? Yeah.. I thought so too.. and then I lost the sticky note. So yeah.. hopefully next week we'll be in full operation. haha.. anyways. I'll try and remember everything that I wrote down! My fingers are flying. 

So.. we found this family a little while ago. Their name is Familia Lopez. They live on this lot and they have like 3 houses. And honestly.. I don't even know how they are all related.. but somehow they are all cousins and nieces and nephews and cousins or brothers or something. Like somehow they are all related. Their grandma lives there and then everyone just lives and helps out together. As far as I can tell... there is really isn't any organization. Haha.. it's seriously awesome, but so different from anything at home. They really don't have parents, and they kind of do what they want. For this reason.. all of the kids seem older than they are.. or more mature, and when we are teaching them I have to remind myself that they are young. ANWAYS. We found them because the mom of one of them is less active. And we started teaching a few of the kids that were there. We are teaching this one boy named Brian.. he is 15. Then Brian has two cousins.. one Jorge, and the other Lionarda. Jorge and Lionarda are 18. Lionarda has a 2 year old son. But mainly we are focusing on these three. Their grandma is super catholic but lets them listen to us. Honestly.. up until this point in my mission, I haven't loved a family so much. I LOVE them. They are phenomenal. Especially Brian. I have to remember that he is only 15.. because the way he thinks and answers questions is far beyond his years. We have really focused on teaching the Book of Mormon with them.. and it has been awesome. I want them to be baptised so badly. This week we also passed by with a member who is preparing to serve a mission.. and it was awesome and he beared testimony of the book of mormon. 

We are praying and working super hard this transfer to find familiy's to teach and baptize. This week we were able to find I think two family's that I think have so much potential. One family is SUPER brazillian.. and speak so much portuguese.. but I'm actually getting better at understanding it. It's seriously a miracle. 

i'm kind of at the point with the language.. where basically I understand everything in a lesson. I'm getting to a point as well.. where I feel like I can express most of my feelings about things during a gospel related discussion. haha... but once we leave the lesson.. or people start talking about something that isn't church related... it's definitely more difficult. So yeah.. still working on that. It's getting better every day. I'm loving the language. 

Another person.. her name is Dorca. We found her just walking on the street once day.. and decided to stop and talk to her. Most of the time.. this is how we find people. We don't have a problem stopping and talking to people who are sitting outside or walking. Anyways.. we found her a little while ago. Honestly I didn't think she was very interested and I kind of forgot about her. But one day this week.. most of our plans fell through.. and we didn't know what to do. We decided to pray right there on the side of the street, and she came to our minds. We decided to pass by and she was at her house! We started talking to her, and started teaching the Restoration super basically. We spirit was strong. She only has two chairs in her entire house.. so she brought those out for us to sit on.. and she sat on her motorcycle seat. it was so funny. The chair i was sitting it.. it was the smallest thing you guys.. so funny. Anyways.. she sincerely seemed interested this time and was answering our questions so well. I had a super strong feeling in the middle to invite her to be baptised. I was scared at first. In Preach My Gospel it tells us that we should be inviting people to be baptised the first time we teach. And Hna Olvera and I are trying to be more in line with Preach my Gospel.. ANYWAYS.. I just decided to do it at the end of the lesson. The spirit was there.. and I knew that my job was to simply invite...
So I did. I invited her. And she sat at thought for a couple seconds.. and then she said.. but I'm already baptised in your church. I was baptised when I was 8 with my family but my parents got divorced and then we stopped going. Then she asked if she wanted to come back to church if she needed to be baptised again. i ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY SEAT. haha.. I was dying. It was awesome. We obviously explained that she didn't have to again.. and yeah. We passed by yesterday and she wasn't there. Her husband isn't a member.. so we are praying SO hard to be able to teach him this week. That would be a miracle. I love them!!! And to think that we might not have even found out that she was a member if I never invited her to be baptised. Yeah.. it was awesome.

WOW.. before this email get's 500 pages long. Saturday was my birthday! It was a pretty normal day of work.. but we found another family to teach that day! I hope to teach them this week! We are working so hard to have a baptism this transfer!! Anyways.. it turned out to be a great day! We have dinner with the same member every week.. she is the relief society president and goodness.. I love her so much. We ate a yummy pudding thing.. and they sang to me. i felt so happy.. and very loved in that moment. Her son is our ward mission leader. So he was there.. and it was just great. She gave me a plastic rose and some hand lotion. Seriously the sweetest thing. Her name is Hermana Neli. 

anyways.. some other fun things that happened this week.. hmm. We ate a lot of chipa.. and it is SO good. I love it. Umm.. when we walk to the house of familia lopez.. we walk by this bar.. and we basically got chased by a pack of small black dogs for about a block. It was seriously so scary.. we had SO much adrenaline.. haha. we laughed after but it was scary in the moment. We decided it was a sign that we shouldn't walk past the bar anymore.. hahah. Umm.. I ate sugar cane with a less active this week on her porch. It was so delicious.

Ah.. basically the days are getting better and better. Of course I still struggle.. but I'm learning to just rely on the Lord more and more. It's so great. Being a missionary is so fun. Even though many days are long.. and it rained SO much this week.. and the streets are muddy and there a lots of bugs.. we laugh a lot and it's just great. I love this gospel.

wow.. I'm sorry this email is so long. for those of you who made it to the end.. CONGRATS. 

I love you all. I FEEL your prayers. Thank you for them. Prayer is so powerful. I love you all. 

I love you all. 

Hermana Ehlert

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