Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!

First off - HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THOSE fathers out there! You all have made the biggest impact on my life and my decision to serve! Thank you! I hope your day was great!
This week was a crazy one! I don't have much time.. but I'll try and hurry! 
Tuesday and Wednesday were FREEZING!! Rained and windy.. and the humid cold is SUPER freezing. 
So last week I told you all about Tanya.. that amazing girl!.. well she moved this week to live with her mom which is about an hour from my area.. so yeah. that was a downer. I was sad. 
We have been having the hardest time keeping anyone interested and progressing. We basically contacted this entire week!!! Just walked around the streets and talked to people and tried to bring the spirit immediately. The weird thing is.. we have amazing first lessons with people. and they recieve us and we feel the spirit and it's amazing.. and then we pass by the next day or so and they won't come back out.. or they tell us they aren't interested. It's kind of discouraging work.. but we're trying to stay happy.. and searching for those people who are truly prepared. I know they are here.. we just have to find them.. and teach in a way that when they do.. they recognize that this is the truth. 
The best thing happened this week though that I will tell you about really quick.. we have this couple. Dani and Tanya. They have been inactive for years.. and their story is actually very complicated.. but this week.. after working with them for so long.. they have seriously  just progressed so quickly. They are reading and praying together.. and keeping the commitments that we leave with them. It's been the biggest change in people that I have seen on my mission so far. They are COMP|LETELY different than when I first met them. You can even physically see a difference. They are happy.. and seriously look forward to us coming. I have felt so blessed to be apart of this change in them.. and I truly hope and am praying that they will continue progressing. It's amazing to see the Atonement of Christ working in people's lives.. and for real changing them. It's amazing to also see how the little things like praying and reading from the book of mormon every day really does make the difference. Ugh.. it's been serioulsy the coolest thing. 
Some funny stuff.. yesterday we were walking to Dani and Tanya's.. and they live basically out in this field in the middle of no where.. and we were walking and there isn't very much light.. and 4 or 5 GIANT BATS came swooping down and were flying around every where. It was TERRIBLE. They were huge. Hermana Olvera and I just ran like crazy!! Ah.. so scary. it was not fun... but we laughed later that night. man.. paraguay.
Yesterday was struggly with spanish.. and saturday. I just felt like I couldn't find any words.. and I couldn't connect my thoughts and put them to words. It was discouraging.. but I'm working on doing my best and letting that be enough. I'm still trying and working every day. 
I'm so lucky to be a missionary. And to represent my Savior jesus Christ. 
I realized yesterday just how lucky I am. This is where I need to be.. and I wouldn't be able to learn the things I'm learning and the ways I'm growing without this experience. I'm ready for this week!! 
I hope that your week is all amazing!

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