Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Best week!

Wow! This week was a long one and fast one all at the same time! Ah! I have lots to tell you all!!! Miracles are happening people.. and it is the COOLEST thing to witness and be apart of them and recognize them! ah.. it's so awesome.
So the beginning part of the week.. I was kind of sick. And Tuesday and Wenesday were kind of struggly. We had awesome days planned.. but almost every charla that we had planned fell through. Sometimes it's hard to respect people's agency... especially when they are running from something that I know is going to help them! Anyways.. they were harder days.
Wednesday though we did teach Oriko again. He seriously is so awesome. ah.. I love him so much. His wife had to leave right when we got there.. so we just decided to teach him. But so funny.. he lives close to a baptist church or something.. and they were having church at that hour. And for almost 20 minutes.. we had the lovely company of some baptist preacher literally screaming and preaching. haha.. it was great. and by that I mean.. crazy. But it ended eventually. But it's okay. We felt the Spirit regardless. And it was a great lesson.. he had read the entire introduction for the Book of Mormon. Awesome. It's so hard to get people to follow up on commitments and he did! I really feel and see so much potential with them! They are married and everything!! But we tried to pass two more times this week with an awesome member.. and both times fell through.. so that's super sad. one time.. there was lights on in his house and everything.. and his door was open and he didn't come out. we clapped and clapped and called him and he ignored our call. It was sad.. but hopefully we will be able to get back in contact with him this week.
Friday we went and cleaned the new church in La Paloma!! IT WAS SO EXCITING!!! Finally we have a church that is close and that people can walk to!! It will be so great for members and investigators and everything!!
Saturday was a crazy day! Probably the busiest day of teaching that I've had on my mission so far. We were literally running to lessons.. and only ONE fell through. It was a day FULL of miracles. So awesome. Anyways.. one lesson that was seriously incredible. We contacted this family earlier in the week.. and so we went back to teach them on Saturday. It was awesome. The dad came out.. and we started teaching him and he was basically finishing our sentences for us! He was SO interested and wanted to go to church and everything, but his wife said maybe next week.. So we will work on her this week. Shoot. He would be the BEST priesthood holder. I'm excited to see where things go with him.
IT WAS AWESOME TO BE IN LA PALOMA!! 4 less actives came.. and 3 investigators! The feeling and spirit there was seriously like electric! All the members were just SO happy to be there.. and the investigators were happy! And they really seemed to like it. And it was fast sunday.. so that was amazing too! Our attendence was the highest it has been since I've been in the area.. and ah. AND GUESS WHAT! At the end of relief society.. there was a few minutes to bear testimonies.. and one of OUR INVESTIGATORS.. maria.. stood up and boreher testimony about the Book of Mormon and the peace she feels when her and her family reads it and she knows that it is the word of God. Welll.. that's what a member told me she said because she bore her testimony in Gaurani.. so I didn't understand.. haha.  I almost fell out of my seat of excitement. And a less active came that is 19. Her name is Andresa and she has been married for 6 years. yeah.. she married her husband when she was 13. AND SHE CAME TO CHURCH. I almost fell out of my seat AGAIN.. when she walked into Relief Society. It was just the best day. I was smiling so hard.. I probably looked crazy.. but Hermana Olvera and I WERE SO HAPPY. It was amazing you guys. Ah.. okay.. rant over about Sunday.
Then last night.. we had to travel. My comp is an Hermana Leader.. so she has to go to Posadas for a meeting. So we travelled to Ciuded Del Este. I slept here last night with Hermana Araneda. She is from Chile.. and I will be with her until tomorrow night when Hna Olvera comes and get's me! It's always fun to do divisions because it's fun to see how other people teach things and explain things. So yeah. I've been here. We've had a chill day!
Anyways.. I'm working on having an overall attitude of gratitude and praise. I've been getting down and been thinking about myself a lot.. so I'm working on thinking of others. And just remembering why I'm here.. to serve my King and Savior. I love him.. and I want others to know and feel him as well. I'm so lucky to be a missionary and share this message.
Okay.. something really quick SO funny that happened yesterday. Maybe it won't be funny to you.. but it was super funny to me. We were eating lunch after church yesterday with a member family.. and we were talking about learning a language.. and I was like "Hermana, you have to remember that it's really hard to learn another language".. and she said "well no it's not you already learned it!".. and I laughed and was like.. "no.. I really haven't".. and she said "What are you talking about?! You are more Paraguayian than mandeoca!" hahah... So mandeoca is this root that paraguayians eat with EVERYTHING. It's so funny. Anyways.. it made me laugh.
I LOVE YOU ALL. Keep praying. Get on your knees and talk with God. He listens. Prayer is so real. and So powerful. He is there. Let him be.
Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. I feel them. 
Hermana Ehlert
ps.. some things have been happening with my pictures and sim cards and camera.. so I haven't been able to send pictures.. but I'll try to next week!!

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