Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AH! Another week!

This week was slow and fast.. like every week!!
So this week.. we met a girl named Tanya. Well actually a two weeks ago we met her.. We were just walking by and she was out sitting on her porch like everyone does here when they have free time. We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her a little bit about it and then said we would come back the next day and continue talking to her about it. The next day a million things came up and we couldn't pass by. We ended up forgetting about her.. I know.. I'm terrible.. but I didn't think much of it. Then this week.. after many plans fell through.. we prayed... and she came to both of our minds. We decided to pass by. She was there.. and the first thing she said when she saw us was "What happened?? Why didn't you come by again? I've been reading this book.. and I feel so happy and amazing when I read it.. but I don't really understand it.. and I needed you guys to help and explain it to me!"She continued to saying things like that for about 20 minutes. Just how she felt so happy when we were with her.. and how this book is so special.. and how we were two angels in her life.. I almost was falling out of my seat you guys.. seriously. So we taught her more about the Book of Mormon. The thing about Tanya though.. she is 14. and married. for one year. So that's crazy.. she has had some sort of abusive past.. but we couldn't quite figure out the details. We are going to try and meet her husband this week.. who is 22 I think. and we are going to try and teach them together. She is seriously a miracle.. and so so cool.
Thursday and Friday.. many lessons and plans fell through.. but it was just a happy day. The beginning of the week rained a lot.. and Thursday was super sunny and nice. So that was awesome. I'm learning to be okay with people hiding or running away from us. Well.. it's sad every time.. because there souls and salvation are at stake.. but I'm learning to not let it affect me and have more faith in the Lord's plan. It's hard when we have an awewsome lesson with someone.. and I feel the spirit so strong.. and I KNOW they feel the spirit too.. and then we pass by again the next day or so and they don't answer.. or put some excuse. So I'm working on that. My part in his plan.. is just to try.. and if they don't want to accept it.. that is there choice. But I'm doing everything I can to help these people.
Haha... so funny story. This week we had a less active call us. She has started coming back to church since the capilla has been in La Paloma.. but anyways. She called us this week and told us that her granddaughters who live in Brazil were coming. Supposedly they have come to visit before and they have gone to church a few times.. but they aren't members. There isn't a church where they live.. and she explained to us that we could teach them Friday night and then baptize them Saturday! She is so worried that they are going to get baptized in a different church.. and that "This is the only true church of god Hermanas.. so you HAVE to baptize them"... hahahha. Yeah.. not so easy. We had to explain to her why there was a few flaws in her plan. it was great. She has the best intentions.. so we tried our best to let her down easy.
Umm.. what else. We had some great miracles with finding and teaching less actives this week. AH! Seriously.. it was awesome. Prayer is such a cool and real thing you guys.
One other thing.. Sunday. We had district conference.. which is like Stake conference.. but we are a district because we are so small. Anyways.. it was in our new church! It was so fun!! Members from 4 different cities that are pretty close came! Our small sacrament room was full!!! Almost 90 of us all together. It was awesome. My mission president and his wife came! It was so fun to see them. This week I was struggling personally with feeling and questioning whether this was the right mission for me.. and stuff like that. President LaPierre gave a talk and I truly got some answers. This was it.. He talked about covenants.. and how important they are. When we are baptized we promise to take upon us the name of Christ.. and keep his commandments.. and he promises us to perfect us. He knows our potential and what we can be. He knows us better than anyone else.. and his promise to us is to perfect us. Whatever way that may be. Our part then is to have faith that as we follow the holy ghost.. we will be lead to those places and have those experiences that we will be able to be perfected. We need to have faith in him and his plan for us.. and that we will be put in those places and have those experiences that will be best for us. But that's hard.... SUPER HARD. But we need to have faith in him and his plan and his knowledge. I don't know if that makes sense.. I can't explain it.. but it touched my heart immensely.
I love you all so much. Miracles are happening here. I'm so lucky to be a missionary and be apart of this work. This is the work of God.. this is HIS work.. I just pray every day that I can be a worthy and effective tool in His hands.
I love you. Have the best week!
Hermana Ehlert

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