Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another week in La Paloma

Ah.. this week was super fast and slow all at the same time!.. and I don't know how that makes sense.. but it's weird that it's already Pday again!

Just wanted to tell you all THANK YOU for writing of me and thinking of me. Your words and letters always help me so much! 

-We travelled to this city called Cuided Del Ester (atleast I think that's how you spell it..) and we had a conference there with Dallin H Oaks!!! well.. kind of. He was in Resistencia.. another mission in Argentina.. but there was camera's on us and them and we could see eachother on screens. So he was talking to two missions. It was really cool. Him and his wife both spoke.. and then a guy translated for him. So so cool. He spoke on revelation and inspiration.

-We are teaching lots.. but still having a hard time getting people to recieve us for a second lesson. We are also focusing on reactivating members.. so we're doing a lot of tracking down people. haha.. it's fun. Something crazy about this city.. is there is literally no street signs or any directions or markers or anything.. so that's really fun.. hahah. 

-Something funny.. we were walking to an appointment to teach an investigator.. and all of the sudden we here some shouts and barking and all of the sudden a bull comes charging out of this tall grass to our right.. haha I was dying! It took of sprinting down the street in another direction with about 5 dogs and a man and 1 kid running after it.. it was so funny.. it shouldn't have been as funny as it was, because it was probably that pour family's livelyhood.. but I was dying. it was just hilarious. ahh... #onlyinParaguay Shoot... i hope you all think that was as funny as I did.. because looking at it written out doesn't seem that funny. Maybe it's a just "you had to be there sort of thing"

-We taught an awesome lesson this week. A couple weeks ago.. I think my first week here we contacted this girl named Carol.. she was sitting on a bench and just hanging out by the avenue like most people here.. and we tried and tried to find her house later but we couldn't.. anyways.. long story shorter.. and a few miracles later.. we finally found her house! seriously the hand of the Lord was there. Anyways.. it was pouring rain and dark when we found her.. and we started talking to her on her front porch with very little light. she opened up to us a little bit and we started teaching her about God.. and who he is.. and who she is as a daughter of God. The spirit was so strong. I could tell she was on the verge of tears the entire time. She is 16 and has had a pretty hard life. We taught and invited her to pray at the end.. and she said the most sincere prayer ever. She finished with tears rolling down her face. She is VERY DIFFICULT for me to understand because she literally speaks straight Portuguese.. but I'm able to follow what's going on based on what Hermana Olvera is saying. anyways.. the rest of the week she wasn't available to meet again. I hope so badly that she doesn't forget what she felt that night. Satan works hard on us right before and after something amazing happens. Ugh.. so I'm praying for her. she is amazing. I want to help her so badly!

Anyways.. all is well here in La Paloma. My feet are basically stained orange now from the sand and red dirt that is caked onto my feet by the end of the day! I have lots of bug bites too! 
There is a disease here called Dengue.. and it's passed from mosquitoes.. it's like a really bad a long flue.. and lots of people are getting it right now. It's sad.. and we are doing our best to serve and help them.. but my comp said something really funny this week.. she said "if we don't die from dengue.. we are going to die from some crazy blood poisening from bug repellent.. haha we laughed. we laugh a lot.. it's good.

Two things I know.. 
First.. I know that every person.. no matter where they are in life or who they are or what they have done or what they are doing can benefit from this gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is grand and incredible, but also very simple when you get down to it, and very personal thanks to the atonement. So incredible.
Second.. the Lord is so COMPLETELY aware of us and our desires and needs and our heart. he loves us. I read a talk this week from boyd k packer.. he gave it last april I think.. but he says something along the lines of "of all the names of diety God could have chosen.. he chose Father". I have thought about that constantly this week. I love that. He truly is our father. Literally. Just think about that for a second. Anyways.. 

I love you ALL! SO SO SO MUCH. 

Also.. just a house keeping thing.. I am by no means expecting packages or anything.. but I can only recieve two a year... so maybe hold back from sending those unless it is somethin that I absolutely need or ask for or something like that. BUT! I can always recieve cards and letters and pictures! Printed pictures are always fun!! 

I hope you have an amazing week! Thank you for your prayers. When I'm struggling.. I think of you all and how you pray for me and your faith in me. Thank you for your supports. I love you all my family and friends. 

Hermana Ehlert

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