Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 2 in Paraguay

Holy moly.. it's Pday again! This week was kind of a long one for me.. but definitely a gooder full of ups and downs and lots of learning! 

-I've officially endured my first few rainstorms.. and when I say rainstorm. I mean DUMPING. haha.. so that's awesome. it was great fun.
-We are teaching a lot of people.. and we are able to contact a lot.. and teach a lot of first lessons.. where the Spirit is so strong...where it touches me and their heart.. but we have a hard time getting people to progress. So that's kind of frustrating.. but I'm going to keep having faith.
-One lady in particular.. all of our appointments fell through.. and we were just walking trying to decide what to do. I was praying for someone prepared to be put in our path.. and someone totally was. It was amazing. The theory among the people here.. is that all churches are good. All churches have god in them.. but we try to explain that it really isn't like that. anyways..HER question was if there is one god.. why is there so many churches. AH. It was amazing. I loved it. I get chills thinking abot her. She rocks. We met her on Saturday.. and tried to stop by again on sunday.. but she wasn't there. So we'll see what happens with her this week.
-The branch here is awesome. It is small.. and I REALLY want to build it up. It hit me this week.. that my responsibility is to do exactly that. 
-I gave a talk in church this week.. it was definiely a struggle... hahah but I hope the members felt my love. I replaced a missionary that was from paraguay and could speak perfectly and I know they all loved her.. so I'm doing my best to earn their trust and love by working hard and representing my savior the best I can.. anyways.. I was giving a talk.... and s SPIDER crawled onto my paper while I was talking. hahaha I started laughing.. so I flicked it off and carried on. You would have all been so proud. I'm seriously getting better with bugs. You would all be proud. hahaha it rocks
-Our lights in our apartment only got cut a few times this week, and I took only 3 cold showers.. the rest of the time our water heater was working so that was awesome!!
-We eat lunch with a member every day.. and OH MY HEAVENS.. so much food. hahaha you would all die. they just keep pushing it on me. I';m working on creative ways to avoid eating so much as much as possible. Lots of carbs.. .but it's all really yummy. they are all so nice.
-We went to this town called Saltos today for zone conference..about 30 minute taxi ride.. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE.. you all would die. anyways.. there is a store there called shopping china.. and they have this huge store FULL of American imports. It's so awesome. We walked around and I was just giddy. Like hershey chocolate and reeses peanut butter cups. haha it was awesome. You all would have loved it too
-This week we also had to travel to Asuncion.. the capital to do some paper work with other missiories.. it was super fun.. but.. needless to say.. this week I spent 15 hours on a hot and stinky bus.. but so so fun. haahhaha it's an adventure. 

Anyways. I was wondering if you all could do something for me.. I really want EASY recipes like for treats and stuff.. cookies.. anything like that.. but as EASY as possible. If any of you have any ideas.. send them my way POR FAVOR.

You're all in my prayers and I miss and love you so much.

Just know even though it's hard I'm doing my best and working my hardest. I represent my Savior. I'm taking that personally. I am trying to only do things that he would approve of. Thank you for your prayers. I really felt them this week. You are all such a strength.

two other hermana's in asuncion with me!! so fun! THey have this SUPER yummy bread thing called Chipa.. so good.. so I'm holding that. 

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