Tuesday, October 13, 2015

hi family!

hi family :)

so its only been a few days since I last wrote.. and not much has happen that is worth telling. 

We had a lot of our planned lessons fall through. so we ended up contacting a lot.. it was kind of rough. on friday.. we didnt have one lesson. not one. but we contacted some really great people that day. we walked and talked to the entire world it felt like. lots of rejections.. but a few gems.. so we will see how they turn out this week :)
We did have a lesson with Isaias this week on Saturday. We taught the plan of salvation. he is reading the book of mormon and is half way through 1 nephi. I love this kid. 

I just wanted to tell you all a little bit about the lesson with him though. it was incredible. the spirit was tangible.. and it was so cool to see the spirit working in him. I heard one time.. I cant remember if it was in the mtc or before my mission.. but I heard one time that we arent really teaching this people new things. they learned and accepted these doctrines before this life.. and what we are doing is just bringing this truths back to their remembrance.  Thats what it felt like.. and he even told us.. "This just makes sense doesnt it?"
The spirit was testifying and bringing these things back to his remembrance. 

The spirit for me in that lesson was just this peaceful calm feeling. I havent stopped feeling that way since we left that lesson. Even though it wasnt a great week number wise.. the lord has blessed me with the spirit and I know that we are working hard and doing his work and his will here in Hernandarias. 

I have felt his peace and assurance and love in my life and I know that he is real. I am so happy and I know that he is happy and proud of me. 

I have been working on this week.. trying to see others through christs eyes. it was something that they talked a lot about in conference... and it is changing the way I see things and people and the way I work. 
I am so grateful for the spirit and this work and the love that I feel for my Savior, his gospel, these people, and this work. 

I love you all! 

Have the best week. Thank YOU for your prayers. 

xoxo from paraguay! 
Hermana Ehlert

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