Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

Hi cute family :)

This week was a little brighter than the last weeks. To be honest.. it was still hard.. and we are just talking to EVERYONE. I don't think there has been a time in my mission where I am talking to more people during the day. 
So a few weeks ago.. before I got to the area.. all of the missionaries in the district came to our area and contacted for the day.. and then passed us the references. Well.. one of these references is named Nelly. The elder's found her during this day of contacting.. and we were finally able to find her. She is soooo coool. She just has all the right questions.. and all the right confusion for us to be able to help her along in her journey in finding light and truth in her life. Her husband a few years ago got in a motorcycle accident.. and is not in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waste down. She is the only one that works in her family of 3 little kids.. going from door to door selling bingo. And the coolest part is.. she only lives a block away from the church!! So cool. 
We continued exploring in our area.. and finding new places to go. 

I have been thinking a lot about fear.. and how when we have fear we cannot be effective missionaries. man.... I wish SO BAD that I would have learned this concept at the beginning of my mission. I am weak.. and am easily intimidated by others.. and it has actually been a challenge sometimes for me to get over it. I don't want to offend anyone.. which sometimes leads me to not declaring boldly this glorious message. So this week I worked specifically on overcoming fear... and ironically.. we encountered many situations that intimidated me or made me shrink back.. but as I worked on declaring the message of the restoration.. I felt the rush of the spirit backing me up. many times it required a lot of faith for me to stand up for what we are doing.. but when we excercise faith.. he blesses us. You'd think that a missionary with my time would have figured it out by now.. but oh well right? sorry... i feel like I can't express myself how I want to. It all just makes much more sense in spanish.

We also found an awesome brazilian woman named Teresa. She watched us from the door of her little house as we walked by. I felt like we should talk to her when we made eye contact.. but we were already late for our appointment.. and when we had already passed her house, I decided to turn around. We approached her.. and in her thick brazilian accent told us that she was hoping we would talk to her. We were able to chat for a little bit.. and remembering the challenge to handout a book of mormon in the street everyday from our leaders.. we marked a section for her invited her to read. she said "I will happily read .. and when are you coming back to keep teaching me?" It was definitely a happy moment of the day. 

not much this week. 

feliz and fearless is the theme for the week. :)

hermana ehlert

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